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Because i care, today i have chosen afa to discuss as my topic. But before i go into it properly lets talk a little about the matters raised by some confused kids on facebook which borders mostly on the price of Afa consultation. These kids are of the opinion that afa shouldn’t be anything above #500, and some others even ague that it should be free. Lol..!!! And when you ask them why, they usually have only but two or three defense line which are:
1. In the olden days priests do their works for free and then people come to appreciate them.
2. Freely you were given and freely you must give.
3. You were chosen by ndi ichie to help people back to odinala in this awakening.

These are basically their shield for defending whatever they claim to push forth. To them, they intend to bring all afa across igbo land to a fixed price which will sooth them. Weather it is discomforting to the priest who does such work or not is never their concern, to them they are the only ones that must be helped, the priest is a super human hence needs no help too. But looking at this their three cardinal shields, one can even carelessly throw certain careless questions at them based on this three point and will easily have them dumbfounded by the careless questions such as:

1. Are we Still in the olden days, have times not changed..? How many of these priest have you assisted in their priestly work..?
2. How sure are you that these skills of afa were received freely..?
3. Why didnt the said Ndi ichie chose you instead of the afa priest..?

You see, these questions will have them dumfounded and running, but yet does not in anyway explain to their own overstanding, as to why afa cannever be regulated nor have fixed prices hence i will take my time here to explain it normal to them all.

DIBIA: if you must know, the term dibia just as i had earlier explained on this platform simply means “The Master of Skills” from the two words “DI” meaning Master and “IBIA” meaning skills. meaning that any master of any given skill in any given field endeavor is automatically a Dibia, Just as we equally have Osu to mean professors. In igbo land we have dibia in virtually every fields endeavor but most popular of them all are the Di-ibia-afa (Diviners/prophets), Di-ibia-mgborogu na mkpa akwukwo (Pharmacist) , Di-ibia-Ahu-ike(Doctors), Di-ibia-nchu-aja(Priests), Di-Ibia-Nka na ire(Artists and Scientist), Di-Ubi (Farmers) Di-nta(Hunters), Di-Ochu(Palm wine tappers), Di-Mbga(Wrestlers) etc. These are all dibias, masters in these given field endeavour. Today, an Artist(Dibia nka) does his or her job without any form of restrictions as to what he or she must charge, no one reminds him that he was chosen by the said ndi ichie, no one reminds him that he recieved his so called gifts freely and as such must dish out his or her services for free and then wait for appreciation. This same thing can equally be said about doctors(Dibia ahu ike), Phermasists(Dibia mgborogu na mkpa akwukwo), the scientists (Dibia ire) and the rest of them. They all enjoy their lives with no restrictions nor regulations and as such charge whatever they so deem fit, but when they encounter problems in life, and wishes to consult the dibia afa, they suddenly remember that gifts are meant to be free. That is when you hear some creatures making such annoying statements that Afa mustn’t exceed #500. Lol..!!!! Isnt that a pity..?

Well let me go into afa a little to explain what afa is, especially for many who still feels that afa Is some sort of mystical magical gift from the said ndi ichie. Afa is simply science, a system developed by the ancient ones as a means of communication between the two material realms of creation namely: The Astral realm and the gross material realm. It can be learnt and understood. It works with the principles of radiation projection. Yes it can be learnt and understood but one who started learning such in this present lifetime can never compete with one who had already perfected these skills in his or her past existence and as such was born into this present existence with those skills already acquired in past existence. This is what many mistake for being gifted. Believing that these ones born with the skills of their past life were all chosen by certain Ndi ichie, and as such were all given those gifts. A very intelligent fellow would ask, why are the said ndi ichie this partial, why must they select some to be gifted and then abandon others..?

There are different kinds of afa in ala igbo, namely: Ikpikpara, Ugiri, Agbolo, Okwe, Ochokoro, akpurakpu, ego ayari, mkpuru ube, orji, Akupe, enyo, etc. Each has its own unique way of preparation and cost. Each equally has its own unique way and cost of maintainance, some afa are being maintained either on daily bases, weekly bases, monthly or even on yearly bases depending on the type and nature of preparation. Now talking of levels of preparations, some afa are on the level of Nwa Uriom, meaning that uriom is used on regular bases to maintan the afa. Some take roosters, some goats, while some are even on the level of ram. Be it on weekly or on monthly bases. With this, it is highly very possible for someone whos afa is on uriom level to charge even #100 because what he needs to maintain or service his afa on regular bases is just about #250 For the uriom, which he is certain to make before the week runs out or the month runs out, but can you say the same for a man whos afa takes a ram for maintainance or servicing..? Can such a person regain the money for the ram withing the week or weeks if he or she chooses to collect #100..?.

Now let me even go to the silly points raised by these agitators. To them they said that in olden days, dibias do their works for free. and i will repeat that same question again: Are we in the olden days.. ? Wake up!! Time has changed. No more plenty farm lands for farming as it used to be. No more trade by batter system as it used to be. Agricultural system has gone mechanised hence subsistent unmechanised farmers now appear like time wasters. Technologies here and there, please tell me, are we still in the olden days that you always speak of..? Now lets talk about the olden days. Do you know that in the said olden days that communities makes special provisions for their priests..? To the extent that first fruit of every harvest from every citizen goes directly into the temples, and as such belongs to the priests. With this first fruit, the priests are paid already, hence they may now go out to administer onto the villagers without collecting additional Charges. For indeed they have been paid via the first fruits and other similar thanksgivings to the temple. But if i may ask you all today, what provisions have your likes made for our present day priests..?, majority of the called ones in this present dispensation are suffering, just to raise money to answer to their call. How much have you contributed to that..? Now after he/she must have passed through hell to settle ndi otu, ndi mmiri, and lots of arusi/ighi, and then struggles to get money to either reconstruct an already destroyed temple or better still build a new one without your assistance, then you majestically approach his temple to educate him on how he must solve your problems for free right..? Using the useless quotes of the Caucasian man: “freely you were given and freely you must give”. The only provisions our communities make now are for the so called rev fathers and pastors. The dibias are never included in the budgets, but when they encounter problems in church, they quickly run back to dibias whom they have never made any provisions for, and then demand that his or her services must be for free or for #500. and if the dibia refuses then he or she must be branded fake, Castigated, and called all sorts of names.

Lol..!!! And for your mind Ndi ichie sent you abi..? Idiots!!, were you a traditionalist 15years ago..? would you have been a traditionalist if not for problems and hardship..? Now suddenly Ndi ichie have sent some bunch of hungry boys from amongst the repented Ipob slaves, to come and do What exactly if i may ask..? Hmm i think i know, to come and insult dibias like they formerly do to everyone in their Ipob parrot internet radio. But believe you me, you will never go Scot free from this one. Unless you repent and redirect those you have led astray, and also apologise to the priests Who you have slandered, be it on facebook or on calls. That is before you begin to see the real Ndi ichie in action.

Afa needs lots of concentration, and in most cases Solitude. Hence it is highly Difficult for Most real dibia afa to combine it with other jobs or else interference of vibration will become the result. Some dibias agwunsi even forbids such, i mean their agwunsi forbids them from doing other works. But here a lot of these miscreants are making noise on facebook, suggesting that Afa dibias should go and get a job. Lets assume that a dibia afa finally becomes a custom officer, do you think he can abandon his duty That pays him in thousands or millions then to come and solve your useless problems All for you to give him #500..? What time will such a dibia have to even attend to you..? Mmadu ana ahapu ebe ana echi ozo ma jebe ebe ana aru agwu..?

You better retrace your footsteps and do the right thing….


from Okechukwu Okoro



Urgent: Maroon’s Health and Request For Support, Russell Maroon Shoatz

Update from the Shoatz family:

As we mentioned last month, Maroon recently underwent surgery and had an extended stay in the prison infirmary.

We share with you now Maroon’s latest message on his health:

“As a Political Prisoner and fighter for over 50 years, I’ve now reached a point where those close to me can no longer shoulder the things they’re called on to do without broader community support.

Recently I was operated on, where it was discovered that I’m suffering Stage 4 colorectal cancer.

This is a CALL for donations to help us cover costs of treatment.

If the lying politicians can amass thousands of small donations, it speaks ill of our struggle against injustice if we will not support our own in similar ways!

Spread THIS call and help us!”

Straight Ahead!
Political Prisoner
Russell Maroon Shoats/z

While the news of Maroon’s ill health is of course disheartening to us all, we’re committed to doing everything in our power to ensure he receives comprehensive treatment for this latest diagnosis. Your support is critical to our efforts.

We’re reaching out to our extended community of support with a request for immediate donations towards Maroon’s medical costs. We hope to gain a holistic understanding of the treatments he’s received and make informed decisions about his medical care moving forward.

Donate here. Please give generously in this moment of heightened urgency.

We invite you to write Maroon directly and send him words of encouragement. Maroon’s Earthday is August 23!

Smart Communications
PADOC/SCI Fayette — Transferred this Week
Russell Shoats AF3855
PO Box 33028
St. Petersburg FL. 33733

As always, we thank you for your commitment, and we’ll keep everyone updated on next steps soon.

In love, strength, and solidarity,
The Shoatz Family and Friends

The picture at the top of Teresa, Maroon and Sharon was taken this past Monday. The photo below was taken in mid July. Maroon has his youngest sister on the right and his oldest sister on the left. Also pictured are Teresa, etta, Sharon and Russ III.

The Haitian Slave Rebellion August 21 1791

#BlackAugust Haiti 🇭🇹 August 21 1791 The Haitian Rebellion was a slave revolt in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which culminated in the elimination of slavery there and the founding of the Republic of Haiti. The Haitian Rebellion was the only slave revolt which led to the founding of a state. Furthermore, it is generally considered the most successful slave rebellion ever to have occurred and as a defining moment in the histories of both Europe and the Americas. The revolt began with a rebellion of black African slaves in 21 August 1791, when the slaves of Saint Domingue rose in revolt and plunged the colony into civil war.

The signal to begin the revolt was given by Dutty Boukman, a high priest of vodou and leader of the Maroon slaves, the next ten days, slaves had taken control of the entire Northern Province in an unprecedented slave revolt. Whites kept control of only a few isolated, fortified camps. The slaves sought revenge on their masters through “pillage, rape, torture, mutilation, and death”. Because the plantation owners had long feared such a revolt, they were well armed and prepared to defend themselves. Nonetheless, within weeks, the number of slaves who joined the revolt reached some 100,000. Within the next two months, as the violence escalated, the slaves killed 4,000 whites and burned or destroyed 180 sugar plantations and hundreds of coffee and indigo plantations.

Black August Memorial/ Black August Resistance – Haki Kweli Shakur

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#HaitianRebellion #HaitiRevolution #August211791 #blackaugustresistance

George Jackson Letter

April 17, 1970 Dear Fay: Slavery is an economic condition. The classical chattel and today’s neo-slavery must be defined first in terms of economics. The chattel is a property, one man exercising the property rights of his established economic order, the other man as that property. He can move that property or hold it in one square yard of the earth’s surface; he can let it breed other slaves, or make it breed other slaves; he can sell it, beat it, work it. maim it, fuck it, kill it. But if he wants to keep it and enjoy all of the benefits property of this kind can render, he must feed it sometimes, he must clothe it against the elements, he must provide a modicum of shelter. Slavery then, the chattel type just mentioned, is succinctly, an economic condition which manifests itself in the total loss or absence of self-determination. 

The new slavery, the modern variety of chattel slavery, updated to disguise itself, places the victim in a factory or in the case of most Blacks in support roles inside and around the factory system (service trades) working for a wage. However if work cannot he foundin or around the factory complex, today s neo-slavery does not allow for that modicum of food and Shelter I mentioned in connection with chattel slavery; no one owns your body in that sense, you are free- to starve. The sense and meaning of slavery comes through as a result of our ties to the wage.

You must have it, without it you would starve or exposé yourself to the elements ; taken a few hours at a time, analyzed part by part,we find that one’s entire day centers around the acquisition of the wage. It is for sure that one has no control over the eight or ten hours on the job, all of that is determined by others; that leaves 14 to 16 hours, but since you don’t live at the factory you’ll have to subtract at least another hour for transportation, lea ving you with 13 to 15 hours to yourself. It is necessary also for you to feed yourself, strength must be maintained since on the job the efficiency expert will be watching; this leaves 10 to 12 hours, if you can af ford three meals. Rest is also a factor in efficiency, and since men associate rest with long periods of unconscious repose, we’ll take 8 hours away (or sleeping, leaving 2 to 4 hours, but- one must bathe,icomb, clean teeth, shave, dress- there s no point inprotracticingthis. I thfnk it should be generally accepted that if a man (or woman ) works for a wage at a job that they don’t enjoy ,and I am convinced that no one could enjoy any type of assembly line work, or plumbing or hod carrying, or any job in the service trades, then they qualify for this definition of neo-slave. The man who owns the factory or shop or business runs your life; you are dependent on this “owner”. He organizes your work, the work upon which your whole life source and style depends. He indirectly determines your whole day, in “organizing you for work.” You qualify, if you don’t make any more in wages then you need to live; the-chattel slave worked for subsistence, recall, and if you are working for subsistence wage (nothing left uver after bilis) you qualify for my definition! You qualify if you cannot afford to leave California for New York, if you cannot visit Zanzibar, Havana. Peking, or even Paris when you get the urge, because there are people who can, and if you re held in one spot on this earth because of your economie status, your wage, it is in effect the same as being held in one spot because you are the property of but you can travel a few states over to your father’s funeral – if you don’t mind sacrif icing some small thing for awhile after. Here in the Black colony the pigs beat and maim us still, murder us still: justified homicide and reinstatement; they murder us and cali it justified homicide. A brother who had a “smoking pipe” in his belt, shot in the back of the head, and a 14 year old girlüü And in threes now, they once were satisfied for “examples”, but that was when an “Swner” had to accept a cash loss with each fatality. How many trieks has Black mama turned to keep mines together. Neo-slavery is an economic condition, a small number of men exercising the property rights of their established economie order, organizing and ccntrolling the life style of the slave – as if he were in fact, property. Succinctly: an economic condition which manifests itself in the total loss or absence of self-determination. Only after this is understood and accepted can we go on to the dialectic that will help us in a remedy. A diagnosis of our discomfort is necessary before the surgery; it’s always necessary to justify the letting of blood.

Black August Memorial/ Commemoration – Haki Kweli Shakur

And we don’t want the knite to damage any related parts that could be spared for later use. The pig is an instrument of neo-slavery, to be hated and avoided; he is pushed to the front by the men who exercise unnatural right over property. You’ve heard the patronizing shit about the “thin blue line” ; this blue line protects property, the owners of property, and the order or system that allows men to accumulate and hold property. If it were merely a case of them protecting the house you’re paying for or wish and hope to be paying on next y.ear this “blue line” would not be needed, we can dismiss that right oüt front, they are not protecting you, your home, and its contents. Recall they never found the set you lost in that burglary. They ‘re protecting the unnatural right of a few men to own the means of all of our subsistence; the pig is protecting the right of a few private individuals to own public property!! The pig, a disgusting animal is to be hated, heil is surely his just reward; however, his immolation isn’t enough- each being an expendable instrument, they are easily replaced. The pig is merely the gun, the tooi, a méntally inanimate utensil; it is necessary to destroy the gun, but destroying the gun and sparing the hands that holds it will forever relégate us to a defensive action, hold our revolution in the doldrums, ultimately defeat us. The animal that holds the gun, that has loosed the pig of war on us is a bitter-ender, an intractable, gluttonous; vulture who “must” eat at our hearts to live. Midas-motivated, never satisfied, everything he touches will turn into shit! Slaying the shitty pig will have absolutely no healing effect at all if we leave this vulture to touch someone else. Spare the hand that holds the gun and it will simply fashion another. The Viet Cong-National Liber.ation Front of Viet Nam do a wonderful job of slaughtering pigs; the U.S. expeditionary forces after nearly 18 yrs., and a hünarea thousand fatalities (or moreO are no nearer to containing the Vietnamese thrust for freedom than were the French whom they replaced. The Viet soldier has viciously attacked and destroyed the pigs and guns (sometimes right in the harbor) but this alone has not completely solved his problems. If the Cong could get to those factories and the people who own and organize them the war would end in a few months.. All wars would end.

The pigs who have descended upon the Vietnrmese colony are the same who have come down on us; they come in all colors though they are mainly white, they have the same background, culturally, (or anticulturally), the same mentality and they have the same intent: to preserve the economically depressed areas of the world as secondary markets and sources of cheap raw materials for the Amerikan Fascist The Black Colonies inside the Amerikan Fascist-State are first, secondary markets, and second, a source of cheap raw materials; in our case this “cheap raw material” is our bodies “giving all of the benefits that property of this kind can render.” How much more in wages would they have to pay a White unionized, garbage collector? And Black mama tricks for ten-and-two? The colonial effect is complete with the introduction of the missionaries. Right behind the expenditionary forces, (the pigs) comes the missionary, the pacification teams, to civilize us, to bless us with the benefits of” christendom, to school us on the value of symbolism, dead presidents, and the rediscount rate. Itwasto these missionaries that the Black colony Jots its conscience. To the schools, the churches, the newspapers and other periodicals that are operated by the fascist fourth estáte. The cultural links to the established capitalist society set around and over the colony has been a lot closer than we like to admit. Economie and political links, except in the sense of parasite-host, are non-existent, (since there is a definite ceiling on the number of clowns and jugglers that the kingdom can maintian). But in the area of culture, andl am using this word in the narrow sense out of necessity, we are bonded to the Fascist society by chains that have in every respect strangled our intellect, scrambled our wits, and sent us stumbling backward in a wild, disorganized retreat from reality. We don’t want a piece of the pie; it’s rotten, putred, repulsive to all the senses.

Why are we rushing to board a sinking ship? When we join hands with the established fascist scum in any way , it gives the people of the world, the Righteous People, of the Congo, Tanzania, Sudan, of Cuba, Chian, Vit Nam, etc, the legitímate right to hate us too. The Swedish people and their government hate the American Fascist, (andalmost every oivilized state must). They show this disregard every chance they get, at small jobs at the capitalist’s fat backs; as punishment the American government dresses some Black clown in a stove-pipe hat and sends him to them as ambassador. This Black cat isn’t really representing the U.S.A., he’s representing us as fools. The Swede’s throw bricks at mm and cali for the “Nigger” to go home. Of all the peoples of Europe (Western) the French and the Swedish are reputed to be the least racist. There is no such thing as a Black Swede, consequently the ruling classes have never found it expedient to scandalize our name. There has never been much contact and no competition between the Swedish nation and any Black nation within the last millenium, and since I don’t think anyone is born a racist, there is no racist aura. About 99 per cent of our Black population lives in, is a part of,or came from one of the depressed colonial enclaves; Blacks in Amerika are everywhere considered a distinct caste resting at thfe bottom of the social spectrum. Chances are that the old Slave they sent to Sweden has never spent a night in the colonies but still he represents the Black Dressed.

In that we are almost all lumped together here at the bottom and other people know that we have no real stake in the Capitalist economy or in the mainstream of its day to day Ufe. So when the Slave turns upin his tails and stove-pipe hat, a distorted imitation of the genuine fooi. (tomfool?), the hatred feit so deeply for the Amerikan Fascist State is transferred onto us! A weapon of incalculable valué in its war on the people, the government selects and trains these running dogs very carefully, provides ‘the proper incentive and sends them scrambling, tails and all, outward, “to represent the establishment.” Any strategem that follows is necessarily anti-climactic. Whole kennels are sent to the African Nations on the Ambassamor ial level (and lower of course) on the supposition that the people of these nations will be able to relate better to a Black face; ihe leaders of these nations if they can be counted ámong the righteous are never impressed, but this sort of thing affects the African masses deeply. Several years ago in one of the Central African states a gathering of the people marched against the local representatives of the Amerikan government, the U.S.A. , over an issue that won’t come to mind now, (there have been so many) but they were resentful enough to carry their protest demonstration to violent extremes. Theythrew bricks and fire and called for the slaves blood, they tore down the Yankee rag and danced on it, spit on it, and were about to burn it, they would have burned it and gone on to sack and burn the Fascist propaganda center, but for the running dog, tomfool, stopped them, harangued them in the voice of the ventrilloquist, and ran old glory back to its familiar station – obstructing the Sun. They should have hung that nigger from the flag-pole, by the fat part of his neck, but they were too shocked, the situation too confusing, the running dogs presence and in the capacity that he served had just the desired effect; the ventriloquist in speaking and acting through tomfool first, representing his own interests to an extent that he never could have hoped for otherwise, second, he misrepreseted the Black Ameriken colony, throwing up one more barrier to the communion that we must establish with the other oppressed peoples of the world if we are to be successful in the armed struggle that looms ahead. Viet Nam – I can never think of that affair without subjecting myself to a case of acute heartburn. They send us to school to learn how to be so disgusting; we send our children to “places of learning” operated by men who hate us, hate truth, and who stand to lose a great deal if we regain our senses. It is clear that no school would be better. Burn it: all the Fascist literature, burn that too. Then equip yourself with the “Little Red Book”. We can regain our senses no other way; of course the fascists are going to teach that Black is White, there’s money involved. Burn it; without the mission, and missionaries there would be no more running dogs. We break the cultural lack when we destroy “Johnson Publications”t and the little Black tabloids that mimic thé Fascist press over to denunciations of “Black Extremist”. Burn them, or take them over as people’s collectives, and give the colonies a dynamite case of self-determination, anti-colonialism, Mao think! !!!!!.

I attended my last year of high school at Bay view High – that’s in San Q.-where I did seven years of the ten that I have in now. The schools in the joint are no different than those out there in the colony at large, with the exception that we are not coeducational. We use the samé fascist jtextbooks that contain the same undercurrent of racism and overtones of nationalism; the missionaries themselves are the same stereotypes with the same dry dictum. At the time my eventual release on parole was conditional to my finishing high-school, and of course being a good boy, never showing any anger, or displeasure, or individuality. T was trying to fake it. I would never have been in the mission school otherwise. I was working in the daytime and attended school evenings. The biology wasn’t top bad. The instructor seldom ventured an opinión outside the subjects related to science, but he was exceptional; I attribute this to the fact that he was somewhat younger than the other pundits. Each of them had a fixed opinión on every material and metaphysical feature of the universe. Colonel Davis in history was outstanding for two very typical characteristics of his profession, temperment and foolishness. True to fascist persuasión, this jackass was so patriotic and Republican that he actually proposed we begin and end each class with a pledge of allegiance’ to the flag from a kneeling position. He was tall and square and grey-blond, a veteran of several declared and undeclared Yankee wars. If you passed the flag without genuflection you had this fooi to fight. I sat through his shit for a month; Amerika the beautiful, the righleous, the only nation on earth where everyone can afford a flush toilet and a traf fie ticket. All Russians were fat Tartars, the Japanese were copyists, Arabs couldn’t fight, neither could the French, all Africans were primitives who didn’t know when they were well off, Vietnamese were just niggers with slant eyes, ( there were four Blacks in the clas,s) , the Chinese were so stupid Continued on page 14 (Editor’s Note: George Jackson hal been in prison in the California penal system since 1960. He was sentenced to 1 – life, for robbery. In fact, he was merely giving a friend a ride home, when the friends asked him to stop at a gas station, robbed it, and without telling Jackson, told him to drive off. The friend was willing, as was the gas station attendant, to testify that George had nothing to do with the robbery.

But George is black, and besides, he’d already served time as a juvenile in reform school (for another crime that he absolutely did not commit), and nis appointed lawyer advised him to plead guilty. So justice was served. The friend who committed the actual robbery was released from prison after three years. As each year passed and it became increasingly obvious to George that “being a good prisoner”was absolutely not going to affect his parole, he became increasingly militant. He read Malcolm, Stokely Carmichael, and pasted pictures of revolutionaries upon his cell wall. He also imposed on himself a rigid revolutionary discipline. He has conditioned himself to only need three hours of sleep a night, he does 100 fingertip pushups every day, he studies and reads constantly, and subsists on one meal a day. He also learns three new words each day, and puts them into practice ift his letters. He has written a steady stream of letters analysizing his situation and the situation of oppressed people in general. They are brilliant formula tions on conditions in this country. They will be published in book form sometime this fall. But none of this is why George Jackson is in the news. Early this summer, a white guard at Soledad Prison, in Salinas, California, where George was serving, killed five black prisoners “for fighting” in the prsion yard. The murder was called “justifiable homicide”. Two weeks later, the guard was found murdered himself. The prison authorities immediately rounded up all the black people in the prison ward where he was murdered, and put them into isolation for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, they had selected the three most militant brothers to stand trial for the “crime”. They shipped the rest of the prisoners to hbther prisons in California, and put the three brothers, -Drumgo, Qutdiette, and Jackson- in solitary. They were not even allowed to contact lawyers, until one finally managed to get word to the oiitside, expressing fear for his life. Fay Stender, Huey’s lawyer, with whom Jackson had been corresponding for some time, entered the case, and got a change of venue from Salinas, a sure conviction, to San Francisco (the government’s now trying to change it somehwere else-too many oppressed people in San Francisco). A heavy part of Jackson’s correspondence was to his younger brother, Jonathan. On August 7 Jonathan Jackson, along with two others, were shot to death in Marin County, California, after abducting the trial judge and holding several jurors at gunpoint, in an attempt to free the Soledad Brothers, the first such attempt by revolutionaries in this country. Jonathan Jackson had suffered for ten years the anguish of seeing nis brother turned down time after time for parole on a crime he did not commit, and decided to seek a more direct form of justice.

(This entire story is covered on page 33.) The brothers are now in San Quentin, awaiting trial, whicK will probably be this fall. It is ah extremely important trial to edúcate people in this country about the racist, fascist nature of the so-called “legal system”. They are going to try to send the Soledad Brothers to the gas chamber. George Jackson, as this letter will show, is an incredibly articúlate, spokesman for the liberation struggle ) that they couldn’t feed themselves, that they must inevitably return to the good old days and ways of the rick-shaw, pig-tail, the cooly, of opium dens and cat-houses. I took this shit with a stony calm for one month; I tried to get out of the class five or six times but yqu have to ha.vejL clear life and death situaüon to get out of any thing once you get in. This is in keeping with the overall prison conspiracy, I.E, you have no will, you have no choice or control, so be wise – surrender. There’s tbis sign hanging every where your eyes may happen to rest, begging: “Oh iord, help me to accept those things I cannot ehange.” A life cleath situación is necessary to get out. that’s just what I had but I couldn’t admit to it – looks bad on the Parole Board report. I tried to keep ahead between myself and this representative of the great silent majority, failing this I would fix my eyes on one of the six flags in the room tone in each corner, two on the desk) and try to endure. We and this cat feil all the way out in the end. I never planned it that way. in fact my plan was tohide my face and hang on The session we had was completely spontaneous, it started in the opening minutes of our two hour olass. This silent majority had jusfc’ completed a hynín to the great Amerikan coroerate monster with t’ie iirie “now haven”! we all the right to be proud.” I said -“No” The guy glanced at méfiblinked, looked away and Jiept right on with his eulogy. My answer didn’t register with him; he heard me but he was positive that hé heard me wrong. In the tioister of ( hts man’s mind my displeasure. any dissatisfaction is just too impossible to be true. It is best that this silent majority remain silent, every time one opens his month a pack of lies fall out.

The good colonel was explaining that corporate capitalism, the erid result of a long evolutionary chain of other economie arrangements. is as perfect and flawless as men can ever hope to accomplish, ït is the oníy economie order that allows for man’s natural í inclinatioris, and that the other barbarous nations of Asia and África who have abandoned capitalism before planned ëconomics must ultimately faü since the incentive motive inherent witíím the capítalist ideal is missing; without the profit and loss incentive, producüon will remain low and eventually fail, I stood up, sat on the back of my desk, put one foot on the cat that he had just told mf know why l was doing this. I even f elta thrill of sympathy for the fooi at first, his mout$ dropped open tike a shárk’s, his ears and lorehead and nose showed that he was as red-blooded an Ameriken as anyqne could ever becomt and his hands in an unconscious impulse of feit’ own locked themselves around the base of the two flag-poles ort his desk, Hke he would protect the Iittle pieces of colored rag from the impudent and unpatriötic nigger who did-just-iilaspheme! “What ‘d you say boy?” I said “you’ve been lying for a month now about ‘work ethics’ and ts ‘s’ and ‘economie incentives’,, you’ve been ving all your life really, and now I want to quesffew some of this stuff. Can vou stand it?” I didn’t wait for an answer. but continued, Tve worked in factories here in this country, on assembly lanSs, doing producüon work.

I’ve made some si udy of mass production procedures in heavy and light industry, and I’ve looked into political economy in general, and I’m certain that in everything you’ve said in here for the last month, there was a conscious intent to misrepresent the truth, present Only those parts of the truth that supported your contentions or to omit the truth altogether. This thing about incentive, if it’s a factor, in production, and I concede that much, it is, for it to have any relevance at all, in order for it to influence the volume of production, or the quality, it’s pretty clear that this incentive must find some way of communicating itself down to the worker. I ean understand an owner of executive having the desire to maRè money-profit – but since this ambition is a very personal thing, how does it affect the attitude and productivity of the worker? His wage will be the same if he works hard, not so hard, or not hard at all, and it is ultimately on how hard the worker works that volume and quality depends.” He leaneü back in his chair, ran his hands f through his hair, palpitated about the nose and upper lip, looked at his flag and then at me and answered “Yes, well in our factory setups we have quotas to meet and foremen and efficiency experts to see that they are met.” “You did say quotas? That sounds like something from one of Fidel’s public addresses, you knüw. sugar quotas – the difference of course being that Fktel is depending on a cooperation that springs from a sense of participation, and perhaps the knowledge that the volume and quality of production determines their general well being, rather than the personal fortunes of an “owner” or small group of “owners”. In the factories that I wórked in and have observed the principie interests of most of the workers was coffee and lunch breaks or quitting time; we watched the clock, watched out for the foreman and other spies and made as many trips to the toilet as we could possibly expect to get aw. with. Although the profit motive may excite owner au i supervisor to invest and ogflj production, the index of productivjfg mindedby the attitudes of the worker that ís ‘not totally automated and even then it would depend on the workerg in the machine, tooi and maintenance sectors to a great being the case it is the diametricai opposite of your contention that is true; there is íess real incentive. Based on the impulse to gain benefits, inherent the modern form of (‘capitalism. lts clear to me that the worker, who feit that the machine, the factory, all factories were ín part his own would be very much con cerned about productivity and quality of product, much more concerned than one who has no more at stake than an inadequate wage.

“But you missed the meaning of my statement,” this is him talking now, “the spur of profit and the fear of loss are the motivation that have made the capitalist system of production efficiënt; it automatically checks the marginal facilities and factors of production, it is responsive to demand and supply, i.e. the demands of thé consumers and the availabihty of materials, and this responsiveness is automatic, built in. an inherent part of the system.” the same can be said for any systems of political economy; with planned, people’s eeonomics however the automatic feature is dropped and demand is not stixnulated artifically in the Madison Ave. sense.

It’s fabulous and Misleading to claim profit and loss motivation a feature of capitalism only; it is a feature of all ‘economics in all time past and present. The only difference is that with capitalism the spur is driven into the flanks of the people by a relative few individuals who by chance or bent of faroeity have been able to make freudulant claims on the rights of profits, the rights to benefit from wealth created by labor fírst, appíied to materials from man’s (plural possesive) source of life supporters nature. In the People’s Republics of África, Asia,?’ and Eastern Europe this right to profit- benefits from their labor aud the land – is bèing returned to the people, the people are spurred by the profit motive collectively: a situation far more condusive to productivity since ultimately productivity depends on the attitude of the individual worker. Proportionally China has achieved more economically in twenty years than the U.S. has in two hundred, of course they had the advantage of being able to avoid the terrible mistakes made by the U.S. and Western Europe ín those two-hundred years, but a comparison between today’s China and let’s say todajr’s India and Indonesia, where they have eloped nothing economically, will point up clearly which system is best oriented to meet the needs of the people. The leadership in India ved with capitalism, (private-enterprise) en China, turned to revolutionary People’s soaalism with communism projected för the future – 1 am certain that everyone in this room diligence to understand that India’s and “street sleepers” are not in’, China has taker agroad,” hey’re staying in China,” this from bjm vith great vehemence, he’s on hisfeetnow aming over his forehead, iists balled, r. shoulders thrown back. “N’o one starves in China, that’s your ignorance speaking now You were probably just lytng before, but it is possible that you are ignorant enough to think that people starve in China still, because they were starving in such great Tinmber when you were there in the 40’s serving the Fascist military-industriali Establishment. You people s ignorance on these matters have prompted the Chinese and other Third World nations to the observation that you all live behind a veritablc Curtain of Ignorance. There are more people starving in the U.S., the Black Belt of southeastëni U.S. and in all the large cities, in the Appalachian . Mt. and grape fields of California than in any other country on earth with the possible exception of India. China sênds grain to other countries on long term, interest-free loan basis. Vietnam, fegypt, Pakistan and some others are eating Chinese ■;.■ ” “Nigger they just bought 100.OOO tons of wheat from Canada last month.” ; “You did say they “bought” it, it means that they must be doing pretty well; the principie of economie advantage means that the people in their respective áreas, nations if you prefer, with their respective differences in climate and topography should produce that thing which is easy and natura! for them to DroHnce. they wiu with proper organization be able to produce a surplus of this thing that they produce well, and it is this surplus that the well ordéred society (of today at least) uses to exchange for the things that they cannot produce economically. China bouftht that wheat from Canada wiHi other food producís, some of it finished produce, and with other raw materials that Canada needed; that deal last month was simply good economics on Chinas part. Canada buys beef from Argentina; does that mean that Canada is about to collapse economically” Nothingstays thepame. Davis,not evênifor an instant, that means that if a thing sn’t “igrowing, it’s decaying, People’s ecogqverjnment has been on the march since the IKfpepf H everywhere building, f developing, challenging the existence of and defeating capitalist based systems that function on servitude of the people.

The inevitable failure will ‘be with capitalism, the guns of Viet Nam have sounded its death knell. We know how to fight you now; capitalism is dying right here tonight, look at yourself, you’re defeated.” He was advancing on me in his Marquis of queensburg boxing stance. I got out of the class night.I haven’t been able to get out of the joint however. .We don’t want people like Davis teaching the hildren, he has himself been educated into . idiocy. His favorite platitude was that ‘f jJAmerikans enjoyed hard work, desire gainful ïimployment and have the natural inclination to be thrifty and save.” This is a shot against the automated welfare state. In effect he is stating that given the choice Amerikans would rather ao the wock jfith their hands and their time that a machine could do better and faster. Sounds ;f pretty siïly to me. I certainly don’t like to work, and as I’ve stated before I don’t think anyone ! could honestly enjoy the monotony of an assemblv line. And the garbage collecting, the street sfeppjng, the window washing, who enjoys suêtï things? I’m all for the machines takjng over in every sector of the economy that they can be applied to. I wouldn’t have the least diffjülty in finding something to do with my time. As long as my check comes bv mail, as long as I didn’t have to stand in some line somewhëe to piek it up, I would never have a complaipü To “live by the sweat of thy brow” was intended as a curse. The conservatives (of their privilege) would have us now believe that work is great fun. The capitalist eden fits my description of heil. They’re maniacal, the exact opposite of righteous. They’ve turned the world up-side down, set us back a thousand years; to heil with a silent majority, 1 am an internationalist. Looking around the world on an international basis I see people like myself in the majority; we’ll either bend these to righteousness or band them to our will. to do so however does cali for cooperation, communion between our related parts, communion between colony and colony, nation and nation, the common bond being the desire to hurnble the oppressor, the need to destroy capitalist man and his terrible, ugly machine.

If there were any differences or grievances beten usin the Black colonies and the peoples of er colonies across the country, around the world, we should be willing to forget them in the desperate need for coordination against an Fascism. International coordination is the key to .defeating this thing that must expand to live. itTork with other peoples, other me master, is a consequence oí the i n f er í or i tBBBÉJt we have .in coniiitïOned into We’re frsÉlffilthat in the – the cOsfe will trick ugjBKhe White foiks who support sociaiism and libeifation of all the Arnerikan colonies really just wam to use us, trick us, “we can’t trust them, they’ll trick us.” Wel!, if we’re tricks we can expect to get tricked anti should rightiy be leartui. mis paranoia is a carry-over from the days when a white or brown !ace in a black crowd meant that the white or brown brain was controling things; the days when some of us even feit that nothing could function properly without the presence of a white brain when we did allow them to take things over. when we were dealing with and consorting with whites of fascist-bourgeois mentality, who did have or do have smug dictatorial mentalities, and we . were lazy enough, and sufficiently convinced of our own inferiority to allow them to take us over. Now as things stand in the new light of “different days”, with our revolution in JRlfcdoldrums, our struggles counterpoised by vicious political kills and avalanches of propaganda, terror, and tokenism, we must Ngvercome the paranoia; it’s based on lack of confidence in our ability to control situations–no , one can take us over or betray our interests if we are vtgilant and aggressively intelligent-we . must accept the spirit of the “true internationalism” called for by comrade Che iöuevara. It is not a matter of trtisting anyone, thoygh I personally find that,I canstill trust certain general types” of pebple since first 1 am people, and second I am assured of my ability to Continued on P. 39 detect in advance any atavistic changes thát portend betrayal ; but it isn’t a matter of trusting q. the good will of other slaves and other colonies – and other peoples, it is simply a matter of ga common need. We need allies, we have a g, oowerful enemy who carinot be defeated without b an allied effort! The enemy at present is the 5 capitalist system and its supporters, our prime U interest is to destroy them. Anyone else with this ■a same interest must be embraced. we must be a embraced, we must work with, beside, : through, over, under, anyone, regardless of : their external physical features, whose aim is g the same as ours in this. Capitalism must be destroyed, and after it is destroyed if we find that we still have probelmswe’ll work them out. That the nature of life, struggle, permanent revolution, that is the situation we were born into. There are other peoples on this earth, they simply “are”. In denying this situation that is, and turning inward in our misery and acceDting any form of racism, we are taking on the characteristic of our enemy, “and we are resigning ourselves to defeat”.

For in forming a conspiracy aimed at the destruction of the system that holds us all in the throes of a desperate insecurity we must have coordinating elements connecting us and our moves to the moves of the other colonies, the African colonies, those in Asia and Latin Amerika, in Appalachia, and the South Western bean fields. If it is more expedient for a white revolutionary to “neutralize” a certain area should I deny him the opportunity to contribute by withholding the protective influence of my cooperation? ! If I did it makes me a fooi and a myopic coward-a trick. The revolutionary of Viet Nam, this brother is so tried, so tested, so clearly anti-fascist, antiamerikan, that I must be suspicious of the sincerity of any Black who claims antiamerikanism and anti-fascism but who cannot embrace the Cong. The Chinese have aided every anti-colonlal movement that occured since they werre successful in their own, the onces in África especially, and have offered us in the Amerikan colonies any and all support that we require from hand grenades to H-bombs. Some of us would deny these wonderful and righteous people. I accept them; far from me to ever deny their right to existence or their offer. I accept their assist in my struggle with this mutual enemy, I accept and appreciate any love that we can build out of our relation in crisis, and 111 never, never allow my enemy to turn my mind or hand against them.

The Yankee dog that proposes to me that I should join him in containing the freedom of a Vietnamese or a Chinese Brother of the revolution, and I don’t care how much he has to offer in the way of “short term” material benefits, is going to first get spit on . We must establish a “true internationalism,” with other anti-colonial peoples, we will then be on the road of the true revolutionary , only then can we expect to be able to seize the power that is rightfully ours, the power to control the circumstances surrounding our day to day lives, to make our own mistakes, not have the fascist make them for us. The Fascist must expand to live, he has pushed his frontiers to the farthest lands and their peoples. This is an aspect of his being, an ungovernable compulsión, this perverted mechanical monster suffers under a disease that hurls him through altérnate moods when he is seized by ungovernable impulses to build things that are ugly and when he must destroy that which is beautiful, we are living under the shadow of the sword. I just read in a legal newspaper that 50 percent of all the people ever executed in this country by the State were Black and 100 percent were lower class poor. Fm going to bust my heart trying to stick stop to these smug, degenerate, primitive omnivorous, uncivil and anyonewho would aid me, I embrace you. We of the Black Amerikan Colony must finally take our courage in hand, control our fear, adopt a realistic picture of this world and our place within it. We are not Fascist, or Amerikans, we are an oppressed, economically depressed colonial people, we were brought here, from África and other parte of the world of palm and sun, under duress, and have passcd all our days here under duress, the peoplc who run this country will never let us succeed l power, everything in history that was of any valuc, and did change hands, was taken by force.

We must organize our thoughts., get behmd the revolutionary vanguard, make the correct alliances this time, and fall on our enemies, the enemies of all righteousness, with a ruthless relentless will to win! History sweeps on, we must not let it escape our influence this lime! ! ! ! I am an extremist. I cali lor extreme measures to solve extreme problems. Where face and freedom are concerned I do not use or prescribe half-measures. To me life without control over the determining factors is not worth the effort of drawing breath, without self-determination I am extremely displeased. International capitalism cannot be destroyed without the extremes of struggle, the entire colonial world is watching the Blacks inside the U.S., they are waiting and wondering about us, “if we will come to our senses.” Their problems and struggle with the Amerikan monster is much more difficult than it would be if we actively aided them; we are on the inside. we are the only ones, (besides the very small white minority left) who can get at the monsters heart without subjecting the world to nuclear fire. We have a momentous historical role to act out if we will, and the wtiole world lor all times in the future will love us and remember us as the righteous people who made it possible for the world to live on. If we fail through fear and lack of agressive imagination then the slaves of the future will curse us, as we sometimes curse those of yesterday. I don’t want to die and leave a few sad songs and a hump in the ground as my only monument. I want to leave a world that is “liberated” from trash, pollution, racist. progress with poverty as a by-product, nationstates and consequently nationstate wars and armies, from pomp, bigotry, parochialism, a thousand different brands of truth, licentious usurious economics.


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Black August Resistance – Jitu Sadiki

Black August Resistance – Day 5

Beginning in August 1979 a small cadre of comrades housed in Soledad’s SHU (Secured Housing Unit), O-wing, myself, Dadisi Yero, Zaharibu, Jamani, Zezu and a few others whose names I can’t immediately recall, we initiated our first commemoration of Black August. After the death of Jeffrey Khatari Gaulden in San Quentin prison there was a long period of mourning and anger, even among those of us who had not personally known him, just as we had not personally known Comrade George Jackson and other stalwart warriors/guerillas, but their selfless acts of courage and sacrifice were known and their indomitable spirit of resistance was felt, providing motivation and inspiration to deepen our individual and collective commitment to the existing Black Liberation Movement raging across amerikkka and resistance to the immediate repression we were experiencing within the belly of the beast.

Daily Practice
Several months prior to initiating Black August brothas in O-wing were encouraged to stockpile whatever nonperishable food they could and minimize their daily intake of meals to prepare themselves for the most challenging part of the tradition, fasting. We also communicated this information to comrades in Soledad’s general population who would be participating in the commemoration.

O-wing administration at that time provided all prisoners housed there with televisions. Comrades were encouraged to refrain from watching TV, smoking or engaging in any non-productive activity, and to reinforce positive and constructive revolutionary enhancing actions such as deepening our political understanding through reading, conditioning our bodies through intensified exercise, practicing self-defense maneuvers and increasing our discipline by fasting. We wore black armbands on our left arms and whenever we had the opportunity to get yard we would engage in collective exercise and political discussions.

During my stay in San Quentin’s North Block MCU (Management Control Unit) several years later, the spirit of the dragon and the camaraderie was extremely strong. Whenever we had yard and engaged in collective exercise which was referred to as the “machine,” because our numbers were greater we divided into two groups with a comrade leading each group. After completing the exercise, the machine would be called into motion (jogging) with cadence being shouted in unison.

1. George Jackson stood the test, eleven years without a rest
2. Malcolm X we love him dear, to his words we still adhere
3. Nat Turner he was right, cuttin’ throats day and night
4. Assata Shakur strong and firm, liberation on her own terms
(my contribution)
5. Over the wall, kill the dog
6. Uhuru (Freedom), Sasa (Now)

Black August Memorial/Resistance

There were a couple more cadence that also included a tribute to Jonathan Jackson which I can’t recall. First photo is Soledad’s O-wing yard and second two photos are San Quentin’s North Block yard.

Tantra Ancient Spiritual Sex

One of Tantra’s meanings is “to weave,” that we are all, as a universe, part of this interconnected fabric which through our manifested energy seems to change and evolve, and from which everything seems to emerge and separate from each other. At the consciousness level, we are not different from each other. We are all part of the same thread that weaves the fabric; we are all one in the same.

Sex in Tantra can be traced back to this union, where Shiva is implanted in Shakti. Sexual rituals

Tantra is an alternative worldview and spiritual practice that at its core is about the union of Shiva (Lord Shiva), the ground being and masculine principle, and Shakti (the Goddess Shakti), the feminine counterpart which is understood as the energy that makes up the universe. These two forces are joined in perfect union to make up the universe and keep it in balance and in harmony. While this is just a base understanding of Tantra, this union is the primary focus of this spirituality. These principles are based on each other’s opposite yet complementary partner (Shiva, the unmanifested consciousness, Shakti, the manifested energy). Their connection to one another forms the cosmos, or simply put their unity is what births the universe.


1. Visualize
Before having sex, sit comfortably facing your partner and stare at each other, zoning in on each other’s third eye, where your intuition rests. Visualize the third eye between your partner’s eyes . Focus on nothing but that third eye, seeing into your partner’s soul and dreams.

2. Chant mantras
Before, during, or after sex, chant mantras to help awaken and stabilize the energy you are cultivating. I suggest chanting a series of different mantras to help enhance the experience. You can chant “Aum” repeatedly and bring the universe into your lovemaking. In addition, chant Shiva and Shakti’s mantras to fully bring their divinity into your experience.

Shiva mantra:
Om Namah Shivaya

Shakti mantra:

3. Channel Kundalini
Kundalini is the dormant serpent energy associated within the Divine Feminine or Shakti, that when uncoiled and awakened moves from the base of our spine like a wave through our bodies opening up each chakra and spilling out the crown of our head in a burst of enlightenment. Channel each other’s Kundalini energy by awakening each other’s chakras through touch. Place your hand on your partner’s root chakra, while your partner simultaneously touches you; feel the energetic warmth exude and chant together the mantra associated with this chakra, “LAM,” visualize the color red associated with the root and then move your hands to the sacral chakra repeating the process again. Continue this until you have reached the crown chakra. Optionally, allow your partner to kiss each chakra as a way of opening the chakras instead. Full list of chakras’ sounds, colors, and locations below.

Root chakra: located at the base of spine, sound is “LAM,” color is red
Sacral chakra: located at the lower abdomen, sound is “VAM,” color is orange
Solar plexus chakra: located at the upper abdomen, sound is “RAM,” color is yellow
Heart chakra: located at the center of the chest, sound is “YAM,” color is green
Throat chakra: located at the throat, sound is “HAM,” color is blue
Third eye chakra: located at the forehead between the eyes, sound is “SHAM,” color is indigo
Crown chakra: located at the top of the head, sound is “AUM,” color is violet

4. Become the Divine Couple
Part of Tantra is seeing ourselves as divine, that we as part of this woven fabric have Shiva and Shakti already within us. Divine power is accessible inside us. Let it come out when having sex. Think of one of you as Shakti and the other as Shiva, and that you are joining forces to create the cosmos simply through your connection. See yourselves as these divine beings, and see each other as god and goddess.


David Walker’s Appeal 1829 The Most Radical Pamphlet During Slavery

Documenting the American South Logo

Hands Off Delbert Africa August 5 2019 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.

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The MOVE Organization would like to bring to people’s attention a very dangerous situation that is currently occurring with our Brother Delbert Africa . For the past two weeks Delbert has been suffering from severe swelling from the bottom of his waist all the way down to his toes . For the past two weeks prison officials at SCI Dallas has ignored Delbert’s request for medical until this past week when several calls were made to his counselor . A medical visit was finally scheduled for this past Wednesday 7/31/2019 where it was explained to Delbert that he has a fluid build up which required to be drained Delbert was immediately taken to an outside hospital, where as of today 8/3/2019 we still do not know where Delbert is .

For several days now Delbert has been kept incommunicado from calling his MOVE Family , His Blood Daughter, and even his lawyer . Prison officials and also hospital officials will not give any one information pertaining to where Delbert is at . Something very suspicious is happening here and it appears the same pattern that occurred with Phil Africa in 2015 where a simple stomach virus turned to A weeklong trip to the outside hospital held incommunicado from family and friends to return back to the prison and be placed in hospice care and to only die a day later. In 1998 Merle Africa who had a stomach virus was forced in her cell and told she was dying only to die a couple of hours later .

This system has no issue with murdering MOVE people and that’s what they are trying to do with Delbert now . They have already given ground by letting innocent MOVE people out on parole and they do not want to do this with Delbert . As we said before this system has always saw Delbert as the leader and isolated him and this latest tactic is no different . Delbert is set to go before the board this September after winning his appeal now this happens . As of now we have heard that it was has been stated based on the medical report given from Outside medical they are stating that Delbert has Anemia , High Potassium , High Psa’s , Acute malignancy of lower intestines , Kidney Trouble , and Suspicion of prostate cancer . The only thing that Delbert has agreed to with any treatment or exams is the submission of a catheter to be used Delbert has requested a phone call to his MOVE Family which the prison and Also Hospital will not allow . We are highly suspicious that this prison has done something to Delbert to bring on these symptoms on so quick . They could not kill Delbert August 8th after the brutal beating they gave him and now they want to finish the job before he can come home on parole .
These officials are so arrogant this is the same way they murdered Phil Africa and Merle Africa .

As we have stated before they have isolated our Brother So they can kill him. They won’t let know one speak to him and this is very Dangerous we need people now to call

SCI Dallas Superintendent Kevin Ransom 570 675- 1101

Geisenger Hospital 570 808-7300

We want people to demand that Delbert Orr Africa Am 4895 be allowed to call his MOVE Family and let them know what’s going . Even Though it’s the weekend we are still asking people to call and Monday we are going full blast .

The MOVE Organization

People can reach
Sue Africa 215 387-4107
Carlos Africa 215 385-2772
Janine Africa 610 704 4524

Political Prisoner Anti-Imperialist Freedom Fighter Tom Manning Passes Away In Prison June 28 1946 – July 30 2019

Anti-Imperialist Freedom Fighter Tom Manning passed away in prison July 30 2019 from a apparent Heart Attack Revolutionary Salutations to this brave freedom fighter more information to come as provided!

Tom Manning own words ” I was captured in 1985, sentenced to 58 years in federal prison for a series of bombings UFFElSalvadorCommunique-page-001carried out as armed propaganda against apartheid in South Africa, U.S. imperialism in Latin and Central America, including a concerted campaign against Mobil Oil and U.S. military targets in solidarity with the FALN’s campaign for the release of the five Nationalist prisoners. And against racist, genocidal capitalism here in the belly of the beast. I’m also sentenced to 80 years- (two 25 to life, plus 20 for armed robbery, plus 10 for escape) in New Jersey for the self-defense killing of a state trooper.

At present I am at the U.S penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas. where I am classified as a high max prisoner restricted to a high accountability status (orange card) that requires me to be checked in every two hours during the daytime and evening hours. I am forced to work in the prison print shop, which has a higher security than any other job shop. And if I refuse or get fired from this job, I ‘ll be returned to the hole. [editor: As of August 1999, Thomas Manning has been moved to Springfield, MO for hip surgery]

This is the first prison I’ve been held in where I can walk around un-handcuffed and un-shackled. The prison authorities , because of my political beliefs and affiliations, have declared me a “threat to the secure and orderly running” of their prison system. As a result, I have spent the last 12 years in continual lockdown, from the control unit in New Jersey to U.S.P. Marion in Illinois, and ADX Super -max in Florence, Colorado.

I stand accused of being a part of the Sam Melville/Jonathan Jackson unit in the 1970’s and the United Freedom Front in the 1980’s. I am proud of the association and all that it implies!

Tom Manning

Prison Address
#10373-016 USP Hazelton
P.O. Box 2000
Bruceton Mills, WV 26525
United States
Birthday: June 28, 1946


Captured: 1985. Sentence: life. Denied parole 1 time.


“ The People must fight for their own system in all ways—one of those being armed clandestine struggle. We have a long way to go, but we are getting there. I am accused of being a part of the Sam Melville/Jonathan Jackson Unit in the 1970’s and the United Freedom Front in the 1980s. I am proud of the association and all it implies”*

Palo Mayombe Diaspora Afrikan Science From The Kongo, There is No Devil Only Energies that Are Obstacles/Instruments For Balance in a Cosmic Sense

In the mysterious, cryptic world of the occult, Palo Mayombe stands out. It’s a faith noted for its secrecy, sheer energy, colour and mystical aura.

With origins in the Congo, Africa, this mystical religious practice was brought to the region by slaves who were forcibly uprooted from their homes and sent to Cuba.

There is an unmistakable fear that ‘Palo’ elicits. The tata or priest is said to hold the keys to the Cosmos, united with the myriad spirits that impact our lives.

Such an imperial and revered role has long been bestowed on Tata Dane Nsasi who carries the title Nfumo-Ngubula – Tata Nganga, the highest position attainable in Palo Mayombe.

The title was bestowed on him after he received all the initiations, training, secrets and ngangas (sacred altars) which are passed down from godparent to godchild. He explained the demands and expectations of the priest, emphasising the nurturing of initiates who study under his tutelage.

“The priest has to be versed in the songs (Mambos), prayers and herbs (Bikanda) to heal the sick. Daily, he must attend to the shrines called Ngangas of the Mpungo or deity. This is how we cultivate a close relationship with the spirit world.”

A seasoned tata,” he said, “is a master the arts of mediumship, spiritual workings and divination.”

Divining is performed using coconut shells (chamalongos), a bull horn infused with mysterious secrets and large tiger cowrie shells (Nkobo Vititi). It facilitates the uncanny gift of communicating with spirits who convey messages in an indiscernible way.

With over two decades in the religion, Tata Nsasi has schooled many apprentices. The initiation ceremony called Rayamiento is secretive and there was a limit to what he divulged. During the ritual the seeker is ‘scratched’ or initiated and given ancient tribal markings. It is there that an oath is made in blood before deities (Mpungo); ancestors (Bakulubambutu) that include the lineage of all deceased priests; house spirits (Nfumbe) who serve as intermediaries between the living and the dead; and the godfather or tata who is the initiate’s counsel and guide through life.

Tata Nsasi admonished persons against leaving ‘Palo’ predicting catastrophic consequences if they do. His reasoning was provocative, even logical. “Remember, a blood oath was made. Blood is life, your life. To turn your back on such an oath is to reject yourself, your very life. Obviously, there will be a steep price to pay. No one leaves Palo Mayombe.”

Marginalising Judeo-Christian doctrinal belief in a devil or evil, Tata Nsasi was unyielding. “We hold the existence of God in its truest sense. God or Nsambia and Kimpangulu are the original principles and creators of all life, but we do not give credence to a devil.

“We believe in the connectedness of all life, we hold sacred, light and darkness, each having its own particular spirits and mysteries. Even if there is sunlight, there is a shade. It is not for everyone to know the mysteries. This knowledge heals and pulls people from the grave when they are dying. Palo is also the most feared black magic in the world.”

While in essence there are no devils in most African traditional religions, Tata Nsasi admitted that there are energies that create obstacles but argued that there are only instruments to ensure balance in a cosmic sense.


“There is light and darkness and both are essential for balance. Darkness is there to challenge and test humanity. But to ascribe evil signifies a failure to understand life and our mission here.”

Interestingly, Tata Nsasi turned the Christian edict of “turn the other cheek” on its head, asserting that if wronged by another, we have a responsibility to balance the scale by retaliating in any way possible, including spiritually. In such scenarios, the Tata is readily sought.

Concise and authoritative, he articulated the history and lore of Palo Mayombe, decrying the ignorance of those who malign a religious and philosophical tradition that signalled the very origins of civilisation.

Archaeological findings, he said, bolster his theory that the Congolese, as the ‘first people’ with a supremely potent and mind bending religion.

“They were blessed with spiritual gifts from heaven (Nzulu) and earth (Ntoto). We are the first tribe. The Yakara or first man had his origins in the Congo.”

Also called the ‘Stick People,’ he noted that, “trees in particular are very sacred to his people,” although “everything is imbued with a spirit.”

He recalled that sacred items were hidden and obfuscated from plantation owners and how a religion, once only practiced outdoors, was miniaturised and conceptualised by African slaves into one of the most secret mysterious societies in the world today. Today, many practitioners use their homes to pay obeisance and connect to the spirit world.

While Palo Mayombe shares the eastern doctrine of reincarnation, Tata Nsasi inveighs against observers who advance that ‘Palo Mayombe’ has started fusing elements of Christianity. He debunked this thesis, although he stated that one strain of the faith called ‘Palo Kimbisa’ has assumed Catholic attributes.

“Palo – Briyumba con Mayombe,” he said, “has stronger earth-based leanings.” Although he described ‘Mayombe con Mayombe’ as the original expression of the religion, he downplayed any fissure among the faithful. “We all attend each other ceremonies.” He also dispelled any belief that ‘Palo Mayombe’ absorbed the Christian cross in its practice.

“This symbol was used some 3,000 years before Christianity. It was done by tying two sticks together and represented the cardinal points. It is a symbol of divine providence of Nsambia Mpungo (God) being in all directions and even in the air we breath.”

And of many tatas who also initiate and practise Santeria/Lucumi – Yoruba faiths, he opined, “Slaves from the Congo and West African countries worked and were housed together. We are open about spirituality, tolerant people. Moreover, we recognise and believe in the spirits of other peoples, so it’s not uncommon for us to embrace and practise the principles and rituals of other African-based religions.

Finally, he warned against charlatans who prey on the unsuspecting. “There are simple ways to verify the authenticity of those who call themselves tatas. You cannot initiate yourself or build your own ngangas (altars). It originates from another Tata Nganga and passed down from the original ancient lines of Palo Mayombe, before it is duplicated or built for the new initiated.

“You must come from a notable, traceable lineage that is connected to a particular tribe in the Congo and a specific location in Cuba where the tradition flourished. It’s your spiritual fingerprint. It is disingenuous for someone who is simply ‘scratched,’ to claim titles and request money for so-called spiritual work.

“Only a genuine tata, who is comprehensively trained, surmounting every challenge, has a right to be revered and duly remunerated,” said Tata Nsasi, who declined to be photographed because of the secrecy of his faith.

Palo, also known as Las Reglas de Congo, is a religion with various denominations which developed in Cuba among Central African slaves and their descendants who originated in the Congo Basin. It is completely different from Santería and Ifa. Denominations often referred to as “branches” of Palo include Mayombe (or Mallombe), Monte, Briyumba (or Brillumba), and Kimbisa. The Spanish word palo “stick” was applied to the religion in Cuba due to the use of wooden sticks in the preparation of altars, which were also called la Nganga, el caldero, nkisi or la prenda. Priests of Palo are known as Paleros, Tatas (men), Yayas (women) or Nganguleros. Initiates are known as ngueyosor pino nuevo
Palo has its roots in the Congo Basin of Central Africa, from where large numbers of Kongoslaves were brought to Cuba where the religion was derived. Its mainly a product of BaKongo religion but has been influenced by other faiths. Palo’s liturgical language is a mixture of the Spanish and Bantu languages, known as lengua, bozal or habla Congo  


The Palo belief system rests on two main pillars:

  • The veneration of the spirits.
  • The belief in natural/earth powers.

All natural objects, and particularly sticks, are thought to be infused with powers, often linked to the powers of spirits. This differs from the orishas of Santería and other Yoruba religions, which are associated with archetypal human beings.[2]

A certain number of spirits called Kimpungulu(singular: Mpungu) inhabit the Nkisi (sacred objects; also spelled Enkisi, Inquice, or Inquise). Kimpungulu are well known in name and deed, and are often venerated as spirits with anthropomorphic qualities. They are powerful entities, but they are ranked below the Supreme Creator Zambi or Nzambi, making Palo a henotheistic religion.

The main practice of Palo focuses upon the religious receptacle or altar known as “la Nganga“, “el caldero“, “nkisi” or “la prenda“. This is a consecrated vessel which serves as a microcosm. Each Nganga is dedicated to a specific mpungu. Often, this religious vessel is also believed to be inhabited by a spirit of the dead (almost never the direct ancestor of the object’s owner), also referred to as “Nfumbe“, who acts as a guide for all religious activities which are performed with the Nganga. Colors, clothing, and stylized dances associated with a particular deity, a common feature of Santeria and other Yoruba religion, are not found in Palo.

Music in Palo practices begin with wooden percussion instruments followed by drums. Examples are the catá, guaguá, and the ngoma, or conga. The cowbell, hoe, and plow are used as metallic instruments.

Various divination methods are used in Palo. Chamalongos uses shells of various materials, often coconut shells. A more traditional method, Vititi Mensú, is a form of envisioning or scrying using a sanctified animal horn capped with a mirror.

Denominations are further broken down into temple homes known as munansós that are headed by an experienced elder priest or priestess. There is no central authority figure in Palo.

  • Nzambi
  • Lukankazi


  • Nkuyu (Nkuyo, Mañunga, Lubaniba, Lucero, Lucero Mundo, Remolino, Cuarto Vientos, Kbuyu) – the deity of forests and roads, a guide and balance. He guards the entry of a cemetery and is considered the guardian of the moon. He is equivalent to Elegua or Eshuin Yoruba religion and associated with the Holy Infant of Atocha.
  • Kengue (Mama Kengue, Yola, Tiembla Tierra, Pandilanga) – the Sky Father and the primordial creator of all life, and deity of knowledge and justice, equivalent to Obatalain Yoruba religion and syncretized with the Virgin of Mercy.
  • Kobayende
  • Mariguanda
  • Gurufinda
  • Kalunga
  • Chola Wengue
  • Kimbabula
  • Watariamba
  • Nsasi
  • Sarabanda (Zarabanda, Rompe Monte) – a strong and willful deity, equivalent to Ogumin Yoruba religion and associated with Saint Peter. The Nganga dedicated to Sarabanda must be made of iron with three legs



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