Black people in Africa and America must indeed convict America and Europe for the crimes committed during the African Holocaust. After conviction, a punishment and fine must be carried out against the guilty parties. In the sphere of punishment for America and Europe, there needs to be recognition of the crime, atonement, reparations and then reconciliation.

History has always proven to be best qualified to reward all research and the fact that both America and Europe owe Black people peparations for the crimes committed against the sons and daughters of Africa at home and abroad. The overwhelming question is: what does America owe the descendants of those who were taken from Africa, in turn robbing Africa of its greatest resource–its people?

America has the nerve to support other countries in a welfare position such as Israel, sending $4-6 billion annually, and setting up a Holocaust museum on this soil financing the operating expenses but nothing is offered to Black people who suffered under white supremacy for over 400 years. The United States spent billions to pave a way for “democracy” in Russia, but practices hypocrisy when it comes to its former slaves.

What does Europe owe our Black brothers and sisters who are still being exploited and robbed of the mineral wealth of the African soil where many are forced to work for little or nothing? Exploiters like the DeBeers of South Africa continue to economically exploit our people and are the benefactors of a criminal settler colony in the midst of “native indigenous people” just like Israel, Australia and America.

No amount will ever pay for the effects the African Holocaust has had upon Black people but these criminals can start to atone by giving our people a true share of the land, wealth and IMF debit elimination that has in turn helped these countries become so rich and powerful at our expense.

“I have no mercy or pity in me for a country that will crush a people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight” – Malcolm X, 1964

(In part 3, the author delves deeper into the topic of colonialism, which birthed capitalism and summarizes how we seek reparations.)