The Spear & Shield Collective is a cadre organization, founded by a nucleus of New Afrikans who inherit, guard, and continue
the tradition of revolutionary nationalist and communist activity for the realization of national liberation revolution. We regard the
organization not as a source of privileges, but as one of sacrifices; We place priority on the quality of our members, and not on the
number of them.
Basic Principles
The Collective believes that Afrikan people in the U.S. constitute a nation which is subjugated and exploited by the U.S. empire.
Together with other organized forces of the New Afrikan Independence Movement, the Collective struggles to achieve the complete
independence of the nation, and to end all forms of oppression and exploitation in the new socialist society that We are building.
Upholding and promoting genuine revolutionary patriotism and opposing all forms of petty-bourgeois nationalism, the
Collective strengthens itself and grows in the course of struggle against opportunist lines, whether of the right or of the left. Our cadres
promote principled unity and not splits in the ranks of the nationÕs patriotic forces. We are open and aboveboard in all dealings, and
We donÕt engage in intrigues and conspiracies. Our cadres must be good at distinguishing contradictions among the people from those
between the people and our enemies, and must learn to correctly handle each kind. The sincere practice of criticism and self-criticism
is a fundamental principle of the Collective, and a guarantee of success in all of its endeavors.
The Collective upholds and promotes Pan-Afrikanism. It firmly unites in solidarity with other oppressed nations and peoples,
and with genuine revolutionary parties and organizations the world over, and fights together with them to oppose and overthrow
capitalism and imperialism and to establish relations of solidarity on the basis of respect for national independence and sovereignty,
equality and mutual benefit.
The lines and policies of the Spear & Shield Collective are developed to reflect the will and legitimate needs of New Afrikan
people. The Collective must respect and develop the peopleÕs right to collective mastery, deeply mingle with and stay close to the
masses, caring for their lives, and propagandize, educate, and motivate them to fulfill their responsibilities to the nation and its struggle
for land, independence, and socialism.
The Collective must pay attention to organize its activities through the masses and to build and consolidate revolutionary mass
organizations of all kinds (e.g., labor, women, youth, students, artists and other professionals), and to build:
1) a front for the liberation of New Afrika;
2) a national democratic front;
3) a solidarity front.
The Collective must encourage the activity and initiative of mass organizations in educating, motivating and organizing the masses
to implement the CollectiveÕs line and to actively participate in building and practicing collective mastery.
The Collective regards the constant building and consolidation of its organization and the strengthening of its leadership as
decisive tasks for the revolutionary cause. Cadres must strive to make the organization stable and strong, especially in the political,
ideological and organizational fields. Ideological and organizational work must be closely combined with each other. Members must
proceed in their work from the organizationÕs political lines and tasks, and guarantee that these lines and tasks are correctly defined,
thoroughly understood, and completely implemented. The Collective must Ñ through the revolutionary movement of the masses and
through the building of the massesÕ collective mastery Ñ proceed with building the organization and organize the participation of the
masses in building the organization, the movement, and actively participating in the fight for land, independence, and socialism.
Attention must especially be given to improving both the quality and the capabilities of cadres, to assigning cadres in accordance with
their capabilities and with the requirements of the tasks; to properly foster and coordinate the activity of cadres, and to link the
improvement of cadresÕ quality with that of local Committees, Basic Units, and with the strengthening of leading organs and the
consolidation of the organization at each level and in each Committee and Unit.
For its own sake, and because of the historic and continuing relationship between the oppression and exploitation of women,
and the rise and perpetuation of class exploitation, capitalism and colonialism, the Spear & Shield Collective places special emphasis
upon opposing all forms of gender-based oppression, and upon upholding and promoting the full emancipation of women and their
rightful participation in the collective mastery of society.
The National Democratic Program
The Spear & Shield Collective believes that independence can be won only on the basis of a comprehensive national
revolutionary democratic program Ñ a program arising from the needs and aspirations of the masses as they struggle for improvement
of their immediate livelihood, and for eventual control of our societyÕs social and productive relations. There is no need for us to try to
impose a program upon the masses. Our tasks are: 1) to join the people in their struggles, and 2) to help them raise and consolidate
national and revolutionary consciousness.
Go to the people
Live among them
Learn from them
Love them
Serve them
Plan with them
Start with what they know
Build on what they have.
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