Oddua and Yembo’s grow more intense with each child that came unto them, and soon the where expecting their third child.

The parents named their third child Òsóòsi/Ochosi . He came into the world to implement the rules to be followed by all in the kingdom of Olodumare. He would become the hunter for all those that lived in the kingdom.

The implementer of the laws by which all those must conduct themselves upon the entrance into this world. Oddua and Yembo gave him the order to hunt in order to feed the multitudes that would follow.

Born the sorcerer a little bit of good and a little bit of bad was also born with him on the earth. for this we say ” For the world to turn there must be a little bit of everything”.

Although he had the gift of sorcery , Olodumare only allowed him to use for the good of mankind.

Enchanting looks and a keen eye attracted the kingdoms people to his side. He was respected by all in the kingdom for his good judgments and sense of hunt. As we hear in his Orin (song ) Òsóòsi? Òsóòsi ire, ode mata ode mata- (Sorcerer of the left hand, brings good fortune, spotted medicine of the forest.)

His name Òsóòsi means “all that is hidden on the left side” spirit of the Tracker known in many Itan by this name as well the “spirit of the tracker” .

In another Itan I shall speak of later Òsóòsi uses his sorcery to enchant a arrow that he shoots into the air and the arrow takes flight and because he is so just , the arrow penetrates his own mothers heart (Yembo) for he thinks a thief has stolen his bounty that was meant for Olodumare.Oxosse_God_of_the_Hunt_by_kaltblut