As the seasons come and go, different people add new vibrations to an already melanic planet.


Like the beauty of a garden where there is a variety of flowers. The flowers cannot be overshadowed by a single rose. It is simply a beautiful rose within a beautiful array of flowers.


To orchestrate the roses or any of the flowers (in any way at all) offsets the natural vibration of the garden. Even though it may be pretty to look at, it has been altered.


Melanic people (all People of Color) have been altered, are placed into a position where their natural vibrations are offset. They cannot blossom, or reach their full potential! For the benefit of the Ruling Class, the Minority has been orchestrated to appear a certain way! This political operation was designed to kill the growth and development of the flowers of this planet. Leaving behind a society of political prisoners         By JOHN WILSON III (AKA JANAKA)