Black Panther Political Prisoners

“Let’s be Realistic. Lets Do the impossible…” Ernesto “Che” Guevara


item5ABDUL MAJID-(63yrs) – Captured 1/1982 (33yrs-) Sentence: 33 ½ years-Time Served: 30 years Estimated Cost: $483,000

item6SEKOU ODINGA-(68 yrs)-Captured 10/1981(37yrs) Sentence: 25year to life and $25,000 fine for each (9) RICO charge –Time served: 31years Estimated Cost: $499,100

item7ED POINDEXTER-(68 yrs)-Captured 8/27/1970(26yrs) Sentence: Life-Time served: 42 years Estimated Cost: $676,200

item8MONDO LANGA (DAVID RICE)-(65yrs) Captured 8/27/1970 (23yrs) – Sentence: Life.  Time served 42 years Estimated Cost:$676,200

item9HERMAN BELL-(64 yr)-Captured 9/2/1973(25 yr)-Sentence: 25 years to life with the possibility of parole. Time served 39 years Estimated Cost: $627,900

item10SUNDIATA ACOLI-(75yr)-Captured 5/1973 (36 yr) -Sentence: Life plus 30years. Time served 39 years Estimated Cost: $627,900

item12ANTHONY ‘JALIL’ BOTTOM-(61 yr)-Captured 8/28/1971 (19 yr) -Sentence: 25yrs to life with the possibility of parole. Time served 41 years Estimated Cost:$660,100http://www.freejalil.com

item13RUSSELL”MAROON” SHOATS-(69 yr) – Captured10/1972 (29yrs)- 9/ 1977 liberated himself-captured 10/1977- 3/ 1980 liberated himself captured 3 days later. Sentence: multi-sentences of life without the possibly of parole-Has been held in Solitary confinement for 21 consecutive years. Time served 40 years.  Estimated Cost:$644,000

item14JOSEPH BOWEN-(64 yr)-Captured 2/1971(23yrs)-Sentenced: 2 life sentence-Time served 41 years Estimated Cost: $660,100

item16VERONZA BOWERS, JR.-(67 yr)-Captured 9/15/1973 (28 yr) – Sentence:    Life-Mandatory parole since 4/7/2004. 6/21/2005 was scheduled to be release on 6/14/2005 was rescinded by US Attorney without notifying his lawyers. Time served 39 years Estimated Cost: $627,900

item17MARSHALL EDDIE CONWAY-(66 yr) – Captured 4/1970 (24 yrs)-Sentence: Life- Time served 42 years Estimated Cost: $676,200

item18ALBERT WOODFOX-(65 yr) – 1972 convicted for the murder of prison guard. Age at time of convicted (25 yr) Solitary confinement in Angola Prison for 37years. Two appeal hearing 11/2008 and 5/2010 resulted in conviction overturned.Time served 40 years Estimated Cost: $ 644,000

item19HERMAN WALLACE-(71 yr) – 1972 convicted for the murder of the same prison guard as Woodfox. Age at time of convicted (31 yr) – Solitary confinement in Angola Prison for 37 years. 3/2010 moved to Hunt Correctional Centre closed cell isolation tier.  Time served 40 years Estimated Cost: $644,000

item20ROBERT ‘SETH’ HAYES-(64 yr)-Captured 9/17/1973 (25 yr)-Sentence: 25years. Time served 39 yearsEstimated Cost : $627,900

item21ROMAINE ‘CHIP’ FITZERGALD-(63 yr)-Captured 9/1969 (19yrs)- Sentence: Death-1972 California Supreme court declared the death penalty unconstitutional sentence commuted to life eligible for parole since 1976. Time served 43 yearsEstimated Cost: $692,300

item22MUMIA ABU JAMAL-(58yrs) – Captured 7/3/1982 (28 yr)-Sentence: Death +2 ½ TO 5 YEARS: 2008 US Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the murder conviction but ordered a new capital sentencing hearing because the jury was improperly instructed. New sentence: Life without parole. Time served 30 years Estimated Cost: $805,000http://www.freemumia.com

item23FREDDIE (KAMAU SADIKI) HILTON- (58 yr)-Captured 2002(48yrs)-convicted for 30 year old murder case of Fulton County Police Officer on 11/10/03 Sentence: Life and 10 years for armed robbery. Time served 10 years Estimated Cost: $161,000

item24KENNY ZULU WHITMORE-(54 yrs) –Member of the Angola Chapter of Black Panther, 
1974.  3/14/1977(23yrs) Found Guilty of 1973 murder and armed robbery of a former mayor in Zachary Louisiana. Sentenced life & 99 years.Time served 35 years Solitary Confinement Angola Prison Estimated Cost:$563,500

item25JAMIL ABDULLAH AL-AMIN-(69 yr) – Captured 3/200(57yrs)-Sentence: Life without parole. Time served 12 years Estimated Cost:$193,200 Please sign: On-line petition concerning being held at Florence Supermax for over 5 years in spite of not having federal charges. The information for the site:

item11ASSATA SHAKUR – (65 yr)-Captured 1973 (26 yrs)-Sentenced-Life plus 33 yr-Time served 6 years Estimated Cost:96,600 Liberated 1979. In 2005 FBI labeled her a Domestic Terrorist place rewards $1 million for her capture.

Joined the ancestors while in custody:

KUWASI BALAGOOM – 1981-1986 Time served 5 years Estimated Cost $80,500

ALBERT ‘NUH’ WASHINGTON – 1971-2000 Time served 29 years Estimated Cost:$466,900

WARREN WELLS-1984-2001 Time served 17 years Estimated Cost: $273,733

TEDDY”JAH”HEATH – 1973-2001 Time served 28 years Estimated Cost: $453,500

BASHIR HAMEED-1982-2008 Time served 26 years Estimated Cost: $418,600

Herman Wallace-1972-2013 Time Served 41 years Estimated Cost: $644,00

New Afrikan Political Prisonerz in U.S. l Haki Kweli Shakur Video