The People of the Cradle of Civilization included people who are now known as the Fon people of Benin (Dahomey), in whose language it is called FA; the Yoruba and Benin Edo of Nigeria, in whose language it is called IFA; and the Ewe of Togo, in whose language it is called AFA. IFA is the oracle god who directed creation, formed the universe, formed the Earth, taught humans about divination, medicine, and language. From the Cradle of Civilization it spread to:

One way to follow the history of IFA is to look at the sequence of the 16 Tetragrams. The traditional Yoruba sequence shown above corresponds to the following 16 Odu:

The number before each Odu is the binary number corresponding to the pattern of that Odu. The descriptions of each Odu are not at all complete, they are just some characteristic ideas that it is sometimes useful to associate with each Odu. Each Odu has other very important aspects that are not described here, as you can see, for example, by clicking on the links at Ogbe, Edi, and Irosun, which links describe some other aspects of those Odu.