When we seek the truth about (B.A.M.), and honor our fallen freedom fighters, it is essentially, and critically important to understand that the survival of (B.A.M.) is 365 days of a protracted struggle, and the construct of our (N.A.N.). In essence it is the backbone of (B.A.R.). We offer the community an excellent desire to struggle, and our exhilarating dedication to the revolution, and a vigorous determination to fight as long as it is necessary for the noble, and just causes. Knowledge is power. Back to back. New Afrikan to New Afrikan, fade to pro New Afrikanism!!!

Long live B.A.M.!

Long live BA.R.!

Long live N.A.N.!

Long live our Unity of Purpose!

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My New Afrikan Nation (N.A.N.), and Hip Hop Communities (H.H.C.), we must prepare ourselves for the 25th Black August Memorial (B .A.M.), which is an integral aspect of our historical development, and we encourage all of our people to learn the true history of (BAM.), and not those half truths.

In order to truly understand the significance, and origin of our (B.A.M.), it is important to do our research first, in order to speak on (B.A.M.) and teach it’s values, and purpose. Let’s not forget those words of Mao Tse Tung; “No investigation, no right to speak.”

Let these historical facts be your guide to the origin of (B.A.M.). On August 1, 1978, inside of the San Quentin notorious Adjustment Center (A.C.), and North Block (N.B.) is where the {California department of {Corrections (K.d.O.K.) held alleged members, associates, and suspects of the New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalist (N.A.R.N.) Collective .. i.e. “Joka Khatari” the torch bearer of comrade “W.L. Nolan**; comrade “George L. Jackson”; and comrade Steven “Hacimu” Browning. It was on this day, August 1, 1978 that “Joka Khatari” sustained a head injury while playing football with his comrades on the (A.C.) exercise yard. Due to San Quentin prison officials, and medical staff intentional lack of prompt, and adequate medical treatment, it resulted in the death of our beloved comrade “Joka Khatari”. Never forget! Never forgive! Never give up! During the following year, the (N.A.R.N.) leadership under the tutelage of their supreme commander “Shujaa”, established the Black August Organizing Committee (B.A.O.C), commemorating our fallen revolutionary comrades, who were killed for serving the interest of New Afrikan Black folks on both sides of these prison kamp walls.

The (K.d.O.K.) prison officials had labeled these New Afrikan Prisoners of War, as (N.A.R.N.) founders, and leaders. None of these New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalist (N.A.R.N.) would be released from prison ever again. This is why we commemorate the following Flea days, in the order that they was assassinated by (K.d.O.K.), for reasons of them simply doing work that was geared towards the building of our (N.A.N.):

• January 13th, 1970, W.L. Nolen, Cleveland Edwards, and Alvin Miller were assassinated by the State’s (K.d.O.K.) shooting them on the Solcdad prison exercise yard. Their principles/beliefs were that of’N. A.R.N, ideology;

• August 7th, 1970, Jonathan Jackson took over the Marin County Courthouse to demand freedom for the “Soledad Brothers”. K.d.O.K. prison officials along with other local state, and federal law enforcement agencies waited for Jonathan Jackson, and three (3) San Quentin prisoners (i.e. comrades William Christmas; James McClain; and another brotha). Several court officials were taken hostage, as the New Afrikan brothas exited the courthouse, at which time prison officials opened fire, killing everyone except for the district attorney (whom they wounded and paralyzed), and another brotha, who was the sole survivor of the New Afrikan brothas. Subsequently, the brotha, and Angela Davis was indicted on this case. These soldiers crimes were, seeking justice, freedom, and liberation on their own terms, from their wicked oppressor; i.e. the unjust U.S. Government;

• August 21, 1971, the state shot, and assassinated comrade George L. Jackson of the infamous “Solcdad Brothas case”, who was designated a Revolutionary Nationalist, and one of the founders of the (NiA.R.N.) Collective, by both prison officials, and state/federal law enforcement agents. Comrade George L. Jackson was shot to death by racist white prison guards in San Quentin Prison, because of his political beliefs that exemplified our (N.A.N.)- Several white racist guards/prisoners were killed during the revolt in San Quentin Prison (A.C.), that took place on August 21, 1971. This soldier crime was, continuing to teach, educate, and practice his people beliefs/principles that were taught to him through the ideologies of, “Nationalism, Black Nationalism, Revolutionary Black Nationalism, and the final ideological transformation of New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalism.” These freedom fighters were before their time; W.L. Nolan, George L. Jackson, Big Jake Lewis, William Christmas, Tony Gibson, James Carr and many others:

• August 1, 1978, the state murdered Commander in Chief Jeffery “Joka Khatari” Gaulden, through (K.d.O.K.) systematic/deliberate denial of prompt, and competent medical care/treatment of a severe head injury, and his crime was the same as W.L. Nolan et al, William Christmas et al, and George L. Jackson, for loving their (N.A.N.) and continuing their ancestors legacy of resistance, and fighting for New Afrikan liberation, both behind, and beyond these prison walls.

• Special Dedication: There is a special dedication to our first (B.A.O.C.) chairperson, motha, wife, and beloved fallen comrade; Peggy “Adama Kambon” Carter, for her selfless acts, and heroine leadership, to which she made as the prerequisite to success, that we understand, and move in accord with the understanding, that our struggle for nation building is one of; “ideological, political, cultural, and organizational principles”, to which Black August Resistance (B.A.R.) represents to this day. Comrade Adama’s transformation was high-lighted, throughout her life journey in navigating with the Black Liberation Movement, and on into the New Afrikan Independence Movement (N.A.I.M.). Comrade Adama lived, and was united by her consciousness, the obduracy love for our (N.A.N. ), and the immortal spirit of “Refu Kukaa Weusi Agostil!” Therefore, decades, and centuries from these spoken words, we shall continue to echo comrade Adama’s name, among her comrades, peers, and fellow heroines. Just to name a few, Wanjiru Nyamaru-Amau Mau General; Harriet Tubman; Amy A. Garvey; Sandral L. Pratt; Betty Shabazz, Queen Nzinga of Angola; and Sojouner Truth. We equally salute the many unsung Afrikan heroines. Long live the spirit of comrade Adama!!

How can you participate? B.A.M. is a thirty one (31) day salute which begins at 12 midnight August 1st (B.A.I.) with a 12:01 A.M. to midnight fasting that we term “FLEA Days”. There are a total of four (4) FLEA days during this month: the 1st, 7th, 13th, and 2 1st Each of these days represent the death of some staunch New Afrikan Revolutionary freedom fighter. Each FLEA day is a 24 hour fast. Meaning, that we retreat from the intake of food for a full 24 hour period, and will only consume sue (6) cups of liquid, according to one’s preference. As a test of one’s endurance, dedication, and commitment in pushing his/herself in the true spirit of “Weusi Agosti” (B.A.), on each “FLEA Day”, each individual is to take part in excercising a total of (4) four times a day, in (4) four, (6) six hour allotted periods. Example: 1st set of excercise should begin at 12:01 midnight, the next set of excercises is to begin at 6:01A.M., etc. etc. Now, during the twenty seven (27) non-FLEA days of (B.A.M.), no solid food is consumed before sunset. The time may be amended from after sunrise, to, between 4 and 8 P.M. Meals should be taken together.

The FLEA days are essential to (B. A.M.), as they help to build spiritual unity, and reminds us of our collective self-sacrifice. We unite with like minded, and kindred freedom fighting spirits, because we are collectively doing something in common, which let us know that, we are not alone in this struggle, regardless of where we might be; i.e. in prison, or economically, culturally, and spiritually drained.

As we sit here at Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP), in {California’s notorious control unit/holes, during our worst hours, we are thinking about the plight of our (N.A.N.) on both sides of these modem day slave kamps, where many of our sistas/brothas are being held unjustly. We hear the echos of our ancestors, to which they said; “stand up against oppression by strategical, nnd tactical aims, for our liberation as a (N.A.N.).”

Black August Resistance (B.AR.) is the spirit of our legacy in this country (U.S.), and we shall never forget our ancestors struggle for liberation, and true justice, which we are struggling for today:

• 1800 – New Afrikan Revolutionary “Gabriel Prosser”, was imprisoned and murdered by

this country/government;

• 1822 – New Afrikan Revolutionary “Denmark Vessey”, was imprisoned and murdered by

this country/government;

• 1822 – New Afrikan Revolutionary “David Walker”, was kidnapped, and murdered by this


• 1831 – New Afrikan Revolutionary “Nat Turner”, was imprisoned and murdered by this


• 1920 – New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalist (N.A.R.N.) “Marcus Garvey”, was

imprisoned, and forced out of this country (deported). The crime of our ancestors were: their love/fighting for our people, and the building of our (N.A.N.).

For the sistas/brothas who shall participate in (B.A.M.), you shall answer these questions, to

further understand the essence of (B.A.M.) in each of your lives:

1) What is Black August?

2) How did the concept of Black August originate?

3) What is the significance of Black August to the Black community?

4) What are the politics of Black August?

5) How is Black August viewed as a viable social concept?

6) How does the concept Black August seek to motivate and guide our (N. A.N.) forward?

7) Why should people support Black August? VTZ^ ~

8) Who is W.L. Nolan? ||p0P»!/1 7uAl£

9) Who is William Christmas?

1 0) Who is George L. Jackson?

1 1 ) Who is “Joka Khatari” Gaulden?

1 2) What is Black August Resistance?