Carlos A. Cooks (the Ideological Son of Marcus Mosiah Garvey), Founder and Administrator of the Afrikan Nationalist Pioneer Movement (ANPM) was born in the Dominican Republic on June 23rd 1913

I (Kwasi Akyeampong) thank my mentor and teacher Robert Acemdeces Harris, Administrator of the ANCM and the ANPM for being and propagating the intentions of Mr. Cooks.

The A.N.P.M. – a racial confraternity amongst the African peoples of the world. The only orthodox African Nationalist organization in the western world from 1941 to 1966. The African Pioneering Syndicate, Inc. -whereas the merchants and business people of the African communities should be African, whose aims and objectives are to conduct a worldwide commercial and industrial intercourse for the good of the race and to promote economic self-sufficiency in all Black communities. The African Colonization Society, Inc. – to resettle those Black people living in the Americas into Africa – those who voluntarily would like to take advantage of the opportunities that Africa has to offer. The Universal African Relief – to conduct relief work amongst the universal African family.

The 1959 African Peoples Convention -this was the convention that did away with the term, “Negro”, being used as a racial classification for African people and caused the world to address the Black people with the same dignity and respect extended to all other racial and ethnic groups. (a) We demanded to be called when dealing with color, Black men and Black women; and when dealing with race, land and heritage, Africans. (b) The total mobilization of all the material resources of the Black Race in all areas of the world binding them together into one grand racial hegemony whose only purpose shall be the welfare and security of Black people everywhere. (c) The activation of the African Communities League in all communities where people of the African ethnic group are in the majority. The economy of all African communities must be marshalled, controlled and channeled in a progressive direction so that the commerce, business life and body politic of the community be controlled totally by the resident majority. (d) The synchronization of all organizations regardless of religious passion or sectional sentiment to one overall aim and endeavor towards the complete freedom of Africa for the benefit of the African peoples of the world. This should include moral, physical and material support to the needy cause of the valiant Africans at home who are fighting against tremendous odds.

The Buy Black Campaign – a scientific method of productive action which will result in the commerce business life of the Black communities being put into the hands and control of the Black people of the community simply by adjusting their shopping habits, whereas they do not buy anything from an alien (non-Black person) in the community and only patronize members of the Race in the community. If a commodity cannot be purchased through Black merchants, then go out of the community and purchase it. This will scientifically force parasitical alien merchants out of the Black communities and make way for more Black people to enter the community’s business life. The Buy Black Campaign will transfer the commerce business life and body politic of the Black communities from its present alien parasites to its rightful owners- the Black majority population.

The African Nationalist Legion – the military arm of the race, to be developed into a force capable of defending and protecting the race. The strategic, tactical and logistical forces of the Buy Black Campaign. The School of African Culture and Fundamentalism – an institution to develop the knowledge, skills, abilities and character of the Race. To establish universities, colleges, academies and schools for the racial education and culture of the Race. The Nationalist Social Club dedicated to the principles and concepts of encouraging the youth of the race to fraternize and exchange their ideas on germane problems. To indulge in debates on world problems and to formulate and activate as a socioeconomic organism for the good and welfare of the community at large and the membership of the Nationalist Social Club by dramatizing the ability of the African youth to engage in commercial intercourse through the initiative of the race (Self-determination).

The Marcus Garvey Memorial Building -at approximately 5:30 P.M., Friday, August 17, 1962, Carlos Cooks officiated at the ground breaking ceremony of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building on a site located on the south-side of 14lst Street, approximately 100· east of Eighth Avenue, Harlem, New York. Carlos Cooks outlined two main purposes for the erection of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building. (1) It will be a stone monument that will spiritually testify to the admiration and respect that the Black people of Harlem and throughout the world have for the life, efforts, deeds, doctrine and memory of this great man; and (2) to serve as the permanent headquarters of the African Nationalist Pioneer Movement. Carlos Cooks postponed launching the programs of the A.N.P.M. until the completion of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building. He stated liThe A.N.P.M. is pending its hopes on the construction of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Build~ng.” Carlos Cooks died on May 5, 1966 with the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building two-thirds complete. It was never completed and was finally demolished by the City of New York in the 1970’s. Consequently, the programs of the A.N.P.M. were never launched and remain unfinished business for the African Nationalists. The erection of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building or its equivalent is also unfinished business for the African Nationalist.

Orthodox African Nationalist Literature -whereas the true historical, economical, political and social aspects of the race were promulgated, African Nationalism was expounded throughout the Black world through such publications as (1) the Street Speaker Magazine, (2) the Black Challenge Magazine, (3) Calvacade Afrikana Magazine and other publications of the A.N.P.M. The Marcus Garvey Day Celebration – an annual affair commemorating Marcus Garvey as the Father of African Nationalism on his birthday August 17, with a parade, eulogistic mass meeting, a beauty contest (Miss Natural Standard of Beauty), a grand raffle, show and dance. Carlos Cooks stated that “The culture of a people is best manifested by the homage they pay to those who led with dedication and devotion to freedom and cause.” Marcus Garvey stands out like a giant over midgets to all who have led with dedication and devotion to our freedom and cause. Marcus Garvey gives the universal Black people a common hero and natural symbol for a common cultural union simply by the universal Black people paying homage to Marcus Garvey every August 17, a universal African holiday African Freedom Day – January 1st was designated as African Freedom Day which we set aside to extol the feats and accomplishments of Black people and Black nations whose efforts brought about freedom and independence for Black people throughout the world. Many Black nations and peoples throughout the world announced their freedom on January 1st – the various Emancipation Proclamations ending slavery in the 19th century were announced on January 1st. The most celebrated African Freedom Day was January 1st, 1956 when the leaders of the Sudanese people assembled in Khartoum and proclaimed their independence.

Miss Natural Standard of Beauty Contest – this is a unique and rare contest designed to help restore pride and self confidence in the heavily inferior minded Black woman who falsely believes that the white woman (and all other women) are more beautiful than the Black woman. This beauty contest is also designed to break and discontinue the nearly 400 year old habit of Black people viewing the white woman as the object of feminine beauty. This beauty contest declares to the world that as far as we are concerned, if there is any physical beauty in the world, it is incarnate in the physical likeness of people and things that are of our race and heritage. Finally, we deny all standards of beauty that do not represent the vibrant characteristics of the African Race. . Memorandum and Bill of Particulars to the President of the U.S.A. –

1964 On Monday, August 3, 1964 – 9:35 P.M., the membership of the A.N.P.M. empowered the Honorable Carlos Cooks to appoint a committee whose function it was to prepare and dispatch a memorandum and bill of particulars to the President of the U.S.A. and to the various concerned officials and agencies of the u.s. Government recommending the President of the U.S.A. to recommend to the Congress and appropriate Governmental agencies that a bureau similar to the Freedman’s Bureau of 1847 be established by the u.s. Government for the purpose of mobilizing and processing all persons of African descent residing in the U.S.A. or territories, who voluntarily indicate their desire to avail themselves of the opportunities and advantages of resettling in Africa, the land of their origin. The many articles, speeches and lectures (over 40,000) of Carlos Cooks have become the catechism and gospel of Orthodox African Nationalism and serves as the theme, plot and fundamentals of the present Orthodox African Nationalists. The logic and evidence of Carlos Cooks’ articles, speeches and lectures are interwoven and interlocked into the articles, speeches and lectures of the present Orthodox African Nationalists.

Carlos Cooks was probably the best Black mind in the world from 1941 to 1966. Although Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were the nationally known leaders during that time (thanks to the u.s. media), Carlos Cooks stands over King and Malcolm like a giant over midgets. These are really the missing pages in Black History during the above period -1941 to 1966. The statements, logic and positions that are generally attributed to Malcolm X by the Black youth were long part of the dialogue and lectures of Carlos Cooks before Malcolm X was a teenager and in his early elementary school days. This is the other side of the story, which is known by a fortunate few who had the privilege to meet and know Carlos Cooks. The American historians and propagandists trace the history of the Black people in the U.S.A. through the eyes of the integrationists. When Marcus Garvey is acknowledged as part of that history, there is no connected background to show the historical development of Marcus Garvey with the earlier advocates of racial unity, economic solvency and the “Return to Africa” philosophy. : More negligent and one-sided, if not outright false, is the connecting 1 historical development from Marcus Garvey forward. Although the U.S. Media traces this historical development from Marcus Garvey to Elijah Mohammed, Malcolm X, Stokley Carmichael and the integration movement, including Martin Luther King, Jr., however, the one true and natural outgrowth of Marcus Garvey and the U.N.I.A. is Carlos Cooks and the A.N.P.M. Carlos Cooks was the ideological son of Marcus Garvey whose philosophical doctrine and programs he lived and worked.

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Carlos A Cooks – Haki Kweli Shakur