Request from Jalil Muntaqum s/n (Anthony Bottom #77A4283)

I am preparing the Article 78 petition to the Court, however, I am still requesting friends to call Tina Stanford, Commissioner of the Board of Parole, and urge her to reverse the parole denial due to erroneous information in the parole folder: the COMPAS Report and their receipt and review of racist letters opposing my release.

I anticipate that, if several people make these calls, perhaps they will reverse the denial and order a new hearing. I ask that you all make phone calls to Tina

Stanford’s office (518-473-9400518-473-9400) urging a decision in my administrative appeal.

… In the hopefully short term, it is expected that the NYS Court of Appeals will decide two cases on parole that could establish a precedent on future parole decisions. It is expected the Court will make their decision before the end of the year, which will, if favorable, support my arguments. We shall see!?

Yours in Struggle, Jalil A. Muntaqim