img_3138img_3139img_3141img_3140ORIGIN OF INTERNET (IFA)

May be i am wrong,but i think i am right,even though it is not confirmed,a more historic research and analysis would show the connection. I am aware that the history of internet/computer didn’t show any connection,but come to think of it.

Computer/Internet was designed some someone,he represents the founder,he taught people,as in experts,then many followers use it.

IFA is an ancient devination, Orunmila is the Grand Priest and custodian of Ifá who represents the founder of computer/internet. Ifa is the source of knowledge believed to have a keen understanding of the human form and of purity,information of the past and prediction of the future.

Divination Performing Ifa divination is called Ifa dida or idafa (or dida owo and ounte ale) which may be represented as networking,setting up. Ifa dida /Idafa (networking)is performed by adifa (experts,computer engineer).

After setting up,a cyber cafe is handled to the admin just like the adifa,who coordinate the divination of ifa or the administration of the cyber cafe.

People consult the Ifa priest just as we consult the cafe or service provider,The items used for divination include:

* A group of sixteen Ikin, commonly known as sacred palm nuts, which are used to create binary data which can be represented as the modem or ticket incase of a cyber cafe,Dust from the Irosun tree (Iyerosun), which may be the keyboard,a vessel for the seeds (Ajere Ifa), which may represent the CPU,a divination tray (Opon Ifa) which may be the computer,a tapper instrument (Iroke Ifa), may represent the mouse.

Ifa is consulted to get information,connect people,know history of the past and prediction of the future. Just like the computer internet where we get information,connect our old friends,see future prediction etc.

we open our computer like the ifa priest would to his opan ifa,ask question just as we type with the key board and press enter. The opan ifa would search for your requested information and bring possible answer to your question which would be determined by you,just like google and other search engines would bring different option for you to choose that which best for you. A thorough historical research would prove more about the connection!

Igbo AkPkPala Divination

Igbo culture, which run well into their hundreds, the primordial Akpkpala system of divination has surfaced as the most sophisticated, versatile, accurate, enduring and encompassing system thereof; employed successfully since time immemorial in determining and addressing all phenomena.

Rightly so, various questions have been raised by both dedicated scholars and keen enthusiasts of Igbo culture around the world as to the underlying mystery behind the prominently ancient Afa Akpkpala divination system. Many have attempted to explain and even compare it with the far more recent binary computing system of Western epistemological tradition; an approach that is highly flawed in itself but somewhat aids in lifting the heavy veil of mystery in which the Akpkpala divination system has been much shrouded in. Indeed, as concerns the profound mystical science undergirding the Akpkpala divination practice, Prof. Onwuejeogwu (1997) and Prof J. A. Umeh (1999) has in their respective ways, invested great efforts in bringing some of the primary mysteries undergirding the Akpkpala oracle to academic light. Umeh for instance elucidated that, “this form of divination has its own language which the Igbo people believe to be not only the oldest Igbo language but also indeed the oldest language in the whole world” (Umeh 1999). Quoting Nwankwo Nnabuchi, he maintained that,

Infact, as it appears, the algebraically contrived binary computing system and more recently, quantum computing system is as far as the Western mind can attempt of this feat. But one should be aware that the binary encoding threshold system (Akwu na Obi) as confessedly extracted from the ancient Akpkpala system by Western seekers merely embodies one of the preliminary, Akashic gateways that an Afa adept (Dibia Afa) has to “pass through” (kwu Afa – literally, jumping into Afa/shifting into the Afa mode of consciousness) before arriving the 5th dimension from where the herculean task of Afa-seeking (Igba Afa) actually takes off and well-extends into an infinity of dimensions or universes!

Let us not forget that the Western epistemological tradition whose global hegemony continues to stifle other richer, epistemological traditions from enlightening humanity is still in denial of Ala Mm (the other inter-existing worlds/universes/dimensions). Besides, as with BCS, any careful analysis of QCS (Quantum Computing System) will readily reveal that it is simply the result of Western seekers, once again, extrapolating about 10-15% of the embedded principles found in the mystical “fox-seed-sand-fingerprint” divination system of the generous Dogon people and transforming the same into a mere, quantum-mathematical “information system”. Whereas the original Dogon system is actually post-quantum oriented! And even at that, QCS is virtually still in its theorization stage!


Haki Kweli Shakur August Third Collective NAPLA NAIM