1434246719134-1June 17th 2015 Protest at Dirksen Federal Building For Chief Malik ( Abullah Malik Kabah) His Human rights are being violated and stripped!!! Dirksen Building S. Dearborn Chicago Illinois…


USP Florence ADMAX, P.O. Box 8500, Florence, CO 81226

Birthday: February 20, 1947

Affiliation: El Rukin

Captured: 1987: Setenced to 80 years IN PRISON 27 YEARS

“We believe that Abdul Malik was indicted because of the new vision that he had acquired and which he was trying to share with other street organizations not only in Chicago, but throughout the U.S.! He was indicted because, for example, he (and others) had worked and were continuing to work to maintain a peace among street organizations, so that they could begin to redirect their energies in ways that would ensure the survival of their people, and the development of their communities.”