Screenshot_2015-08-19-02-26-51-1Statement From The August Third Collective of The NAPLA

The New Afrikan Peoples Liberation Army(NAPLA) Condems the brutal trangressions of the New Black Panther Party against our elder Comrad-Brother Dhoruba Bin-Wahad former prisoner of war decorate member of the Black Liberation Army. We also condemn the physical assault of our Comrad-Brother Kalonji Changa of The FTP.

We find it wholey reprehensible that the new black panther party would even venture to exert itself physically upon any members or associates of the movement or grassroots. We believe attacks to be Unprincipled Anti-Revolutionary.

Certainly we have enough issues enemies contradictions to deal with as a whole than for us to begin and internal war as well. We must not allow the fractures which set us one against the other in the 1970s to rear their ugly profoundly reactionary heads again in our generation.

Comrades of the New Black Panther Party We of the Army sincerely emplore you to issue and apology to the comrad brothers who were transgressed upon, We also ask humbly that the comrades responsible for this irresponsible act be disciplined made to see the error of their act. If We cannot debate contentiously or not to resolve our ideo-theoretical differences so that We have comprehensive line for the masses to follow peacefully or on guard against each other out of fear of being assaulted because this org or that collective happens to be deeper at the moment then what’s this really say about us!

Are We changed transformed Women Men ready for revolution or are still Amerikans playing dress up in revolutionary drag?

Again We wish to resolve this tragedy peacefully. We know how this movie ends if We don’t stop the Undisciplined Anti-Revolutionary activity. The next generation will have to start from scratch just as we have had to do and some Us will perish Free The Land!

August Third Collective ( New Afrikan Peoples Liberation Army)

Sanyika Shakur Black August 18 50ADM