Screenshot_2015-08-31-16-12-43-1After watching some of the reported discussion between Black Lives Matter ( #BLM) activist and Hillary Clinton, I thought if there was one thing important that happened was Hilliary asking those activist to provide her with an agenda and policy she could support and advocate. When considering the diverse ideological composition of the #BLM campaign it is important to review our history of struggle. For example the civil rights movement success was based on the development of a national coalition. The leading spokesperson came from the SCLC, the legal wing was represented by the NAACP the youth movement component was SNCC, while CORE and Urban League primarily assisted in organizing the urban communities and raising funds for the overall movement. Of course there were other associated groups from churches to labor unions etc, yet what was the cohesive determinant of the era of struggle was its focus on ending Jim Crow segregation. The success of the civil rights movement was its ability to identify specific racist institutions and practice and forge campaigns challenging them beyond marches and protest demonstrations, the movement proposed specific policy changes. The Vote Rights Act, The ending of segregated schools, using the Commerce Act to end segregates travel accommodations etc, were tactical successes in a boarder strategic campaign to end all vestiges of Jim Crow Segregation.

When Clinton asked #BLM activist to provide proposals for policy changes beyond sloganeering and protests demonstrations the activist did not provide an answer (?). For me that was disturbing as she said without such in ten years we would be here again making the same arguments. The moral compass in terms of changing hearts in a capitalist social order is to demand institutional changes as the civil rights movement achieved in what I Qualify as a Bourgeois social democratic movement.

In previous blogs, I raised specific goals to achieved in the revolutionary political development of the #BLM. since the reality is activist are challenging political candidates to raise these concerns onto the national debate, it is incumbent of #BLM to forge specific national proposals and policy for these politicians to advocate if they want to support of #BLM in humbly suggest for forming of a national platform and program for #BLM to further substantiate the national organizing of a mass and popular movement. Needless to say it is when the diverse ideological composition of #BLM begin to speak in one voice make the same demands and advocate for the implementation of specific policies, will the entire initiative become formidable movement as occurred during the civil rights movement. While the oppressive/repressive conditions confronting New Afrikan people is varied, there are particular concerns we must challenge in a national determination. Because of the myriad problems besetting the New Afrikan community, it would be prudent to expect #BLM to concentrate its political capital on the immediate issues most detrimental to Black Lives Survival and Prosperity. Therefore in my opinion #BLM should be making the following demands and structure specific proposals for policy development.

1. The immediate end of police profiling , brutality and murder. Demand the De-centralization and De- Militarization of police. The police officers must live in the community they are assigned to patrol. Greater Diversity in the hiring of police officers more representative of the community they patrol.

2. End the school to prison pipeline. Demand quality education in Black/Brown communities including ending discriminatory disciplinary practices and criminalizing students.

3. Students Dept Relief offering greater number of scholarship for college entry programs to poor high school graduate candidates.

4. Stop Gentrification of Black/Brown communities providing secured low income housing and stable rent control zones in targeted communities.

5. Immediate end to Mass Incarceration and End the Prison Industrial Complex. Demand the End to Corporate Prisons for Profit. For the implementation of Restorative Justice and Community Adjudication Programs. Demand the removal of the clause in the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that permits Prison Slavery and Involuntary Servitude.

6. The development of a National Job Stem Training Program for poor communities, Demand Full Employment with a Living Wage.

7. The Immediate Recognition of the Existence of U.S. Political Prisoners and the Immediate Amnesty and Release of COINTELPRO victims.

Each of these issues should be developed into specific Demands and Proposals for policy development in a national campaign. These Demands must be made part of the #BLM campaign challenging political candidates. Furthermore these Demands should be talking points for all progressive groups challenging elected officials across the country toward the building of a mass and popular movement. These Demands provide the #BLM specific objectives to achieve to broaden full recognition of Black People’s Human Rights. Obviously the Demand for the recognition of the existence of U.S. political prisoners serves to raise consciousness on the depth and breath of our overall struggle for civil and human rights. It challenges the U.S. corporate government brutal repression of militant resistance to racist oppression.

I sincerely hope #BLM will give serious consideration to what is here proposed. At no time in the future should any candidate on the national election scene should think they can instruct #BLM activist how they should organize a challenge to the corporate government. Our history in replete with examples of successful campaigns building mass and popular movements. It is time for this generation to ” Bring The Heart ” making it uncomfortable if not possible for the status quo to ignore or negate the suffering of poor and oppressed peoples. The ultimate task is the building the socio-economic and political institutions Towards a New American Revolution to Demand equitable distribution of this countries wealth.

Remember: We Are Own Liberators!

In Fierce Struggle –

Jalil A. Muntaqim

” When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an OUTLAW ” Nelson Mandela