Screenshot_2015-09-30-02-38-14-1“We the People” demand that the United Nations address the issue of reparations as it pertains to those of African descent. This mandate is embedded in both national and international law. Reparations are for the national governments allowing slavery and the racist, discriminatory practices up until the present time. The U.S. government still allows highly racists acts to be perpetuated against people of color. African Americans are at the forefront of this movement because we shouldered the brunt of these actions.

We were the ones torn from our homes and placed in the positions of chattel slavery with the express permission and backing of the laws of this government. “We the People” had nothing to do with the body of laws which, today, govern our lives. “We the People” were not permitted to participate in any legal development in our country. “We the People” are the only race of people that have been denied their rights to reparations despite the many crimes committed against humanity by the following countries and the Catholic Church: America, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Germany, Greece, Dutch, Netherlands, France, Belgian, Denmark and Rome. The laws of these countries have refused us any access to capital and/or wealth-building despite over 500 years of free labor; this means today we are trillions of dollars behind where we should be.

“We the People” deserve to be compensated and contend that the financial and psychological damage performed on African Americans by the United States in current time by not providing reparations to us, but providing it to many other groups in America: is a human rights violation.