Untitled+designA project of the Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, the Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project was established on October 10, 2004 to apply historical insight to contemporary dynamics to help oppressed peoples exercise their right to self-determination.

Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park – Crane & Broad street becomes a front yard entrance for pedestrians to move from local amenities throughout the Bottom – a beautifully landscaped park of historic markers, public art monuments, interpretive places flowing continuously between distinctive yet integrated segments that represent the many aspects of the city’s history over the last 300 years: African Burial Ground, Gabriel’s Rebellion & Patrick Henry’s Speech, First Freedom Center & Lumpkin’s Jail Archaeology Site, “Shockoe Creek” & 17th Street Farmers Market, the James River.

All renderings used in the Community Proposal for Shockoe Bottom were created and contributed by George Schroeder (c) 2015. The rendering above was adapted by Ana Edwards for illustrative purposes only.

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