Screenshot_2015-10-25-01-43-24-1BEFORE MUHAMMAD THE AFRIKAN MOTHER ROOT: For thousands of years before Mohammed, it was Ali-at and Al-Uzzah who were the chief African deities symbolized at the Holy Ka’aba (‘originally ‘Temple of the Moon-goddess’), built by the African Hausa, Fulani, Mandes and other clans who settled into ancient Medina around 4,000 B.C. The Ka’aba stone was a holy black, granite ompha with a black dove nestled atop, whom devotees believed had “fallen from the heavens, or the sky.” All major Mami deities were originally worshiped as black stones. An ancient tradition which is still extant today during annual ancestral celebrations in Togo, West Africa, where many of the descendants of these groups later settled. Only holy men/devotees are allowed to enter the sacred forest to capture this sacred stone. It was these African “pagan” clans under Al-Uzzah who developed the sacred system of ﺔﻴﺑﺮﻋ ﺔﻳﺪﺠﺑأ (Urdu-Arabic script) γεωμαντεία (sand divination), the annual pilgrimages , the fast of Ramadan, the shaving of heads, animal sacrifices, praying several times a day, the giving of alms, Friday’s prayers, ritual bathing, ablutions, taboos against incest, the “throwing of stones” in Wady Mina (sacred mountain), ﻲﻗﺮﺷ ﺺﻗر “belly, dancing,” ﺎــﻨــﺣ, (henna, Medhandi)-hand painting; the time honored tradition of hanging sacred verses upon the Ka’aba from the Saba. etc,. All African cultural traditions now credited to the Arabs, India and Asia. However, it was under Mohammed’s orders that the African Al-Uzza, and their 360+ “pagan” ancestral deities were removed from the holy Ka’aba and reconstructed. The Holy Koran that once ordered that Al-Uzza and the other African deities be worshiped (Surah 53:19-20) had been modified in the new book, or eliminated altogether. Many peoples around the world including the African-American Diaspora are ancestrally linked to the indigenous Islam of Al-Uuzza. The remnants which remain continues to be heavily suppressed by the Arabs in the Sudan and elsewhere. In the Vodoun tradition, Al-Uzza remains a chief Mami deity, and the Mama Tchamba are the divine personification of these ancient clans as well as the ancestral spirits of enslaved Africans and their descendants. Slavery is viewed as a historical continuunm triggered by the decline of African hegemony; rooted in their experiences more than 2000 years ago. © 2010 Mama Zogbé. All Rights Reserve