Though routinely mis-credited by western historians and “New Age” converts, Haiti is not where the Vodoun religion was born, nor is it where it reached its highest pinnacle of philosophical, ritual and theological development. The Vodoun religion is estimated to have existed for more than 10,000+ years, having its ancient roots in Egypt, East Africa, Asia Minor (ancient Turkey), Syria, and in ancient Afro-matrilineal Ionia (later known as “Greece” where the African, Queen mothers established their powerful temples and theocratic empires. At their height, these African, matriarchal empires reigned for more than 4,000 years—centuries before their conquer by the Dorian (white) Greek invaders. Until the present, western revisionists credits the ancient social and religious history of these African matriarchs to the Dorian Greeks, and have hidden their cultural theology under “Greek Mythology.” In many respects, the entire legitimacy of a western (i.e.,”European”) antiquated presence in the ancient world, is based almost exclusively upon fiercely maintaining the ((white) Dorian Greek myth, thus, forever obscuring the historical fact that the Vodoun religion was one of the major religions practiced all throughout the ancient world.”


The current indigenous religions of Africa are simply crude remnants of the once glorious sacerdotal systems of divine (feminine & masculine) complementary God/dessess, first birthed by the matrilineal orders (African mothers), emulated and honored in all of the world. However, the 4th-7th centuries, saw the rise of African patriarchal, military expansion, followed by the imposition and merging of foreign patriarchal religions (i.e. Islam, Christianity). The indigenous religious of Africa, eventually following the miserable fate of persecution and oppression as its founders (African women). This might explain why no African country (except Benin) honor their mother religions as a national religion. One might argue that “African Traditional Religions” as they currently exist in Africa, and blindly mimicked by the Diaspora today, are actually political, religio-cultural caste systems of male priestly preeminence at the subjugation/minimization of female sacerdotal authority and spiritual power. Unfortunately, most “African” religious scholars, fail to critically examine the legitimacy of African patriarchy on a continent whose ancient roots are almost totally matriarchal. Particularly patriarchy´s usurpation of important religious functions originally dominated by women. The Vodoun Religion is one of the only original indigenous systems in which African & Diaspora women maintain the same (and more) priestly functions as men.

———————Perdictably the world’s best kept secret, African God/dessess , ritual and theology is the oldest and the first to be honored throughout all the ancient world. All the major patriarchal religions including Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam owe their very existence to these ancient African, matriarchal religions

Mama Zogbé

Hounon-Amengansie priestess ———————

“1540 B.C.E. faience (opaque colored) image of Mami, found in the Palace shrine of Knossos in Pre-Grecian Afro-Minoan, matriarchal Crete. A contemporary of Isis, Cybele and Black Demeter, Above, she is crowned as grand oracle of the underworld (Ancestors/Dead) and Queen Priestess/Protector of the state. The Palace of Knossos, belonged to the great black, lawgiver, King Minos (“moon spirit”), whose African name was Menes, and his Afro-Dravidian name was Menu. Nearly all African kings and diviner (Chaldean) priests were crowned with Mami. This history is not generic “goddess mythology,” but an historical sacerdotal order of African women and men whose holy temples dominated the ancient world.”

Archeological Museum, Herakelion

Excerpt from: Mami Wata: Africa’s Ancient God/dess Unveiled.