Screenshot_2015-11-01-22-57-02-1Returned to the country he has chosen The body of President Kwame Nkrumah The grieving and sad people of Guinea Gave him a unanimous and pure welcome, A welcome full of strong and high moral intensity, The man who embodied Africa With passion, fidelity and courage Against the forces of imperialism Is now himself incarnated and honored.

A whole people remember him The People able to recognize true Merit, Devotion and Efficiency of Man. Death is still bound to happen, alas. A human life is still limited.

Yet infinite Time and Space By life valorized For the benefit of People and History Will give him a noble and great recognition, Worthy of the Man and his Work.

Thus, the being he was, is and still remains No longer in flesh, no more in blood, But as Conscience, better as an ideal, Sharing with force and constancy The continuing struggle, dream of well-being.

Kwame Nkrumah belongs to those Who have left a strong impact On the destiny of liberty and dignity, loving humanity.

Kwame Nkrumah is and will be ever living Since Africa, to him grateful Is also living and will live for ever.

Fighters of all races and colors Demanding Independence and progress for Peoples, Equality and solidarity among nations of the world Keep living and we shall continue endeavoring To follow the path shown by Kwame Nkrumah.

If there are People of a particular time There are also People of all times. Kwame, the African, belongs to all times, To all spaces, too.

Those who attempted to humiliate him Only succeeded in glorifying him.

Indeed, time can neither soil his work Nor tarnish his great and proud image.

In him is the Revolution Which he is in. Like the Revolution, he is ‘transtemporal’.

Oh! Beloved son of our Peoples. Friend of those who fight, Enemy of those who surrender.

Kwame, the worthy and courageous African, The militant of the great Revolution, you will be within us and with us To revenge the martyrs, all the martyrs, To liberate, unify and enhance the living, To build Africa, United and beautiful.

Before your grave wherever it may be, Fearless friends with militant faith, With pure and faithful look Will bow as a token of honor.

Your magnificence a hundred times will be exalted, And glorified will be your unique contribution To the cultural renaissance And to the historical rehabilitation Of those, all those who like you Have chosen duty and the struggle Against blind submission.

Crushing down imperialism and colonialism Is the duty you assign to us Which will be assumed, fully assumed, Nkrumah, our brother and our comrade; Enemies will harvest shame

And Africa shall be to Africans