1448386338847#WombScience #Mother Sun & Womb = Life this proves at one time women got pregnant when no man existed …. cultural systems based on fertility and creation between the heavens and earth , actual gods and goddess would partake in rituals.one such ritual involved a god or the sun impregnated a virgin goddess or earth to bring forth a son a incarnation god. The association with the mound to the womb is well documented and can be seen all around the ancient world. Most likely it was for ritual and religious use. In a ritually based society the consensus in belief would breath life into the symbols, and thus bring the virgin birth of a son of god to pass.

Some earth mounds known also as passage mounds, have huge basins in their womb like structures.

The basin, large enough for a man to lay coiled in the fetal position as if within a egg could perhaps symbolise the world/cosmic egg. The basin would align with the entrance to the tomb/womb in such a way as to only allow the sun to penetrate the egg at a Often this alignment would coincide with the winter solstice, the time the sun/son is to be cosmically reborn certain time of the year. Upon solar alignment and the suns penetration into the womb and symbolic impregnation, from the egg emerges the central figure of life. The first born over all creation. The man taking part in the ritual would leave the womb/tomb reborn or resurrected as a incarnation of the sun god. #TheBlackWomanizGod
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