12289503_10153106902192665_5926666816015924648_n-1NO WAY! WE DEMAND TREATMENT NOW FOR MUMIA AND THE 10,000 OTHER PENNSYLVANIA PRISONERS WITH HEP C! We demand that the DOC recognize the basic human right, established internationally and even in the US, that those in state custody, in this case in prison, are entitled to the medical care they need. We will accept nothing less. JOIN US IN SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA ON DEC 18TH!!! DATE: FRI DEC 18TH TIME: 10 AM WHERE: THE WILLIAM J. NEALON FEDERAL BUILDING, 235 N. Washington Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503 FOR MORE INFO IN PHILA: 215 724-1618 FOR MORE INFO IN NYC ESPECIALLY RE TRAVEL: CALL 212 330-8029 ASAP http://www.freemumia.com Our lawyers will be demanding that Mumia and the 10,000 other PA prisoners with this condition, get this treatment immediately. The DOC’s argument that Mumia and the others have to be sicker to get this medicine goes against mainstream medical opinion today. The DOC, that nearly killed Mumia, can hardly be trusted to have Mumia’s interests in mind when they argue, against all the other medical opinions we’ve heard, that Mumia should not get this treatment JOIN US IN SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA!!! JOIN US IN TELLING THE JUDGE ON DECEMBER 18TH THAT HE MUST RULE IN FAVOR OF MUMIA AND ORDER THE DOC TO IMMEDIATELY PROVIDE THE NEEDED TREATMENT TO MUMIA AND THE 10,000 OTHER PRISONERS WITH HEP C!