10636167_10204769207940603_3774867834168548783_nin conclusion, the governmental policies and CONstitutional laws and legislation are merely tools to pacify New Afrikans and lull us into a state of illusionary contentment. The 15th amendment grants the vote via the imposed citizenship of the 14th amendment. Yet, all attempts to organize a plebiscite by New Afrikans to participate in an informed vote of self-determination, has been met with conspiracy, armed resistance and violence on behalf of the u.s. government and its various factions of its infrastructure. These amendments are mere pacifiers and like all pacifiers, they build gas and no nourishment will ever come from them. Therefore, the cons are amerikkka’s persistence to cremate the New Afrikan place of genius, persistence and resistance in history. The pros are the afterlife of New Afrikans who continue to rise like the phoenix from the ashes, unwilling to die the death of historical cremation which amerikkka has prepared for us. From the rebellion on the first slave ships, to the present day efforts of New Afrikans to BE a force in the struggle for independence; We will not merely shut up and disappear; We can not be bought off; We will not fear. If the “price of freedom is death,” in the words of Malcolm X, then We will pay it with commitment and devotion through New Afrikan Nation building: a viable alternative to racism, cultural imperialism and white supremacy in amerikkka. The New Afrikan Independence movement in its present day form: Provisional Government Republic of New Afrika. PGRNA

Country report Supplement 3/10/28 ADM Country: Republic of New Afrika (RNA) Population: (based on the population of the five states in the Black Belt South, outlined as the national territory of RNA): 6,194,077.45 total Black population 21,391,663 total population Louisiana – 4,287,195 total population 1,320,456.06 (30.8%) Black population Mississippi -2,614,294 total population 930,688.664 (35.6%) Black population Alabama – 4,135,543 total population 1,046,292.379 (25.3%) Black population Georgia – 6,751,404 total population 1,822,879.08 (27%) Black population S. Carolina -3,603,277 total population 1,073,761.646 Black population Land Size (based on the land size of the five states in the Black Belt South, outlined as the national territory of the RNA): 229,260 total square miles Louisiana – 43,566 sq. mi. Alabama – 50,750 sq. mi. Mississippi – 46,914 sq. mi.

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