12509914_1719141598321015_340660090709955035_nBack in October 2015 Our Brother Edward GoodMan Africa was scheduled for his parole hearing However as of today January 5th 2016 Eddie has still not had his parole hearing with no clear explanation into why . When we first called the parole board back in October in regards to Eddie they first said that it was being pushed to November 2015 , Then we were told December 2015 and now it’s January and a new year and still no parole hearing . One thing that can be clearly explained in regards to this delay with no explanation is clearly The Pennsylvania Parole is under a tremendous amount of pressure over the issue of parole for Move Political Prisoners and we are not backing off of them not one bit . We have literally taken away every excuse these misfits have come up with to deny our people parole and have also exposed their illegal actions . They have been put in a position where they have to do the right thing and again they don’t want to so that’s why Eddie’s hearing has been delayed for this long period of time . The Parole Board and their allies in law enforcement are going to continue to feel the pressure and power of the people over this issue . We are calling on all our friends and supporters to call or email The Pa Parole Board this Friday January 8th 2016 and demand a just and fair parole hearing and immediate parole for Edward Goodman Africa Am-4974 . People can call The Parole Board at (717) 787-5699 or email them at Ra -pbppopc@pa.gov. Via —> Orie Lumumba for more Info #FreeEmAll