#ReaganBushEra 1980s to 1990s … The USG( United States Government ) Should pay New Afrikan/Black People #Reparations for coordinating/manufacturing The Capitalist Domestic Drug/Gun Trade in Black and Brown Communities this Trade was targeted in black communities who felt the worse effects of it and created a cycle that’s still going on today internal violence murder death and incarceration that we still recovering from. Drugs is Chemical Warfare/ A Poison that has been exposed to be a strategic tactic used on New Afrikan/Black communities with the assistance of the CIA as well… The Drug Wars and Gun Trade N.Y. to D.C. Drugs and Virginia The Gun Supplying State with help from Maryland fostered a catastrophic decades of the Worses Genocide of Violence I.e. Crack Wars in black communities!

Virginia was & still is the Gun supplying state who guns end up in crimes across the U.S. since the 1980s specifically D.C. and New York Thirteen Virginia gun stores, including five in Hampton Roads, are listed among stores that sell the most guns used in crimes nationwide, according to a new report from a Washington-based gun safety group. released numbers show Virginia and two other states — Illinois and Georgia — as tied for having the second-highest number of high-crime gun stores in the nation, behind Indiana.

That Virginia gun stores rank high for selling guns used in crimes is nothing new — in 1999, a report based on federal data listed Virginia as fifth among states selling the highest number of guns later used in crimes. The ATF has shown that less than 1 percent of gun stores are the source of nearly 57 percent of firearms traced to crimes nationwide. While Virginia’s “one-gun-a-month” law is hailed as a model for reducing straw sales, Virginia remains the largest source of crime guns in New York and elsewhere. Proponents avoid mentioning cases like that of Shawn Pettaway, who was arrested for using 17 straw buyers to sell 107 Virginia guns to undercover New York police.

A report, published today by the coalition Mayors Against Illegal Guns, finds that 98.2 percent of all guns used for crime in the District come from other states, with #Virginia… according to the report, 70 percent of crimes within states are committed using local guns –enough of them travel to other states to either use or sell their wares. So, since it’s somewhat easier to get guns in Virginia than other states in the Mid-Atlantic, a lot of guns used in crimes from the District to New York get traced back to — you guessed it — Virginia.

The coalition is the brainchild of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the report provides the intellectual firepower — pun intended — for what has been a long campaign to crack down on illegal gun sales beyond the Big Apple. In 2007, Bloomberg sent undercover police officers to Virginia to try and buy guns illegally, much to the chagrin of then Attorney General Robert McDonnell. And in 2009, Bloomberg asked that Virginia close it’s gun show loophole, much to the chagrin of then gubernatorial candidate Robert McDonnell. This report, endorsed by over 500 mayors across the U.S. (including our own Mayor Adrian Fenty), will surely get plenty of press, much to chagrin of Governor Robert McDonnell. Needless to say, McDonnell and Bloomberg won’t likely be sitting down to beers any time soon. (The NRA is no fan, either.)

Now back to the District. It’s never much been a secret that guns used in crimes here have come from elsewhere, and both Maryland and Virginia are obvious exporters to our fair city. But this is where it gets complicated. In 2009, Virginia exported 265 of the guns used in crimes in the District, while Maryland exported 247. (According to D.C. police, 2,321 guns were recovered in the city in 2009.) The report notes that Virginia has weaker gun laws than Maryland does, but Maryland still comes close to its much more lax neighbor to the south in terms of the number of guns it sends to D.C. The again, the majority of Maryland’s out-of-state guns come from, you guessed it, Virginia.

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