Screenshot_2016-01-24-02-54-58-1Baba Hannibal Afrik

Baba Hannibal Afrik is now in the Ancestral realm, he was a committed New Afrikan leader and a profound Black educational activist. Among his many leadership positions for 50 years have been: Council of Independent Black Institution (CIBI); Afrikan National Rites of Passage United Kollective (ANROPUK); National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA); Republic Of New Afrika; and The Malcolm X College Annual Kwanzaa Celebration since 1995.

Baba Hannibal began teaching biology at Farragut High School in the early 1960s, he led a committee that was a forerunner of Chicago’s local school councils, more than 20 years before school reform; it was a model for the local school councils. As the 1960’s roiled, Baba Hannibal and other Black teachers pressed for more Black history courses, more Black administrators, and programs to raise the scores of Black students.

In 1968, Baba Hannibal led the Black Teachers Association in a successful community control movement using the Farragut Black Manifesto as a model. Later in February 1972, he co-founded the (School for Children) an independent community institution on Chicago’s Westside; this institution succeeded for 31 years through self-reliance.

After 30 years at Farragut High School, and 8 years teaching at Northeastern Illinois University, Baba Hannibal became a nationally acclaimed educator with over 50 awards, 3 national awards, and the coveted Star Award from the National Science Teachers Association in 1975.

An acclaimed Biologist, Baba Hannibal performed scientific research in biochemistry for seven years. After moving to Mississippi in 1999, he tutored children; created after-school programs and taught computer literacy; and he was state coordinator of Black Mississipians for Reparations.

In 2004, Baba Hannibal organized the Community Youth Achievers, Inc., C.Y.A. in Hermanville, MS. He established the Environmental Village Campus as a prototype sustainable community. This young institution is the most unique African-American Tourist Attraction in Mississippi. With a 5-acre homestead, CYA can provide urban and rural survival training through the Outdoor Leadership Skills Project (OLSP), Southern Region.

Baba Hannibal was a New Afrikan reformer, he committed himself to internally reforming the PGRNA including initiating self-determination projects on his own land in the National Territory. Baba Hannibal worked with a small cadre of citizens of the RNA on his land; he stated: “I’m an Elder and I’m expected to give guidance and support, but I’m also trying to learn about doing. It’s not a case of reading about it and talking to people about it. You have to get your feet in the mud and your hands dirty and learn how to build a Nation from the ground up.”

Baba Hannibal possessed cultural-compentency, diplomatic skills, and carried himself with integrity; as a New Afrikan he was: “a light set on a hill, a true representative of what We are building.”