Screenshot_2016-01-25-11-28-50-1* We are anti-patriarchal — which entails us being against all forms of male supremacy and suppression of women. Women hold up half the sky — and in most oppressed nations, it’s more like three quarters. This is especially true in New Afrika. We necessarily combat any and all forms of gender oppression; while we’d like to say this is a result of capitalist economics, that would unfortunately not be true. We believe and have sure knowledge that men turned women and children into the first oppressed populations on the planet, long before capitalism appeared on the scene. Patriarchy is a backwards, oppressive and exploitative form of social (and personal) relations that infects and warps the activity of otherwise progressive or potentially revolutionary women and young girls. So, what We do is be pro-actively corrective in not only Our practice, but also in Our writings and Our speeches.. Male-centered language runs rampant through most cultures as does practice. Have you ever stopped to ponder any of the words we think are “normal” Words like:

manpower man-hours manhole mankind etc. etc.

And these are but a couple of the more flagrant ones. But think about organized religion too. What effect does it have on women and young girls, on boys and men for that matter, who feel an inherent sense of entitlement, due to its unflinching patriarchy? For in every one of the major religions God supposedly only picked men (in one his son) to be prophets or saviors. The last person god spoke with or communicated to, or called upon to lead, was a man. One major religion takes the mother totally out of the equation making for only the father, the son and the “holy spirit”. Some others offer “virgins” as rewards for martyrdom — owned and possessed even in paradise. The major organized religions are in fact good ol’ boys networks that relegate women and children to near chattel status as submissives and victims of men. It is as if in order to get into “heaven”, “paradise” or whatever land of pleasure and ease one believes in, women and children must have been good submissives and supporters, mere bit-players, to their husbands, brothers and fathers. Or loyal to their priest, imam or rabbi. Well, We reject that.


We refuse to see women as inferiors, or objects and needing and having to have the guards, protection or sympathy of men in order to “get along” — or to some far-off paradise. Fuck that! We believe and have sure knowledge that women possess the very same potential, like any man, to change the world. Perhaps even more so. We know women can (and have) govern, guide, lead, fight, struggle, conspire, shoot, theorize and everything else any man can do. And yet women have been so oppressed by men that they are very distrustful and suspicious and We say rightfully so. But We overstand that unity of purpose, of need and necessity grows out of steadfast practice and righteousness. Simultaneously We overstand that women and children need and must have a military strategy of their own. Must always stand ready. We recognize this. Revolutions, too, can and have turned into good ol’ boy networks. To be cautious is to be aware of all this. Be mindful of social relations that do harm to the unintended, to those We must unite with; to those who are the most oppressed. It is about being accountable and responsible. That’s revolutionary! What We do is change words like “mankind”, to humankind. “History” to social development, or Ourstory. Or to emphasize that it is a lie told by our colonizers, We’ll spell it as His-story (as in male-centered and just “his” version).


Women in the collectives, orgs and movement will use Her-story. Which is perfectly natural, really, given how much of the social development of women — especially Amazons — has been manhandled, buried, distorted or lied about. We encourage women to do the damn thing! Right on! When We write We need to be mindful that the Nation ain’t “he”, or “him”. Not made up of just males. Use the slash mark to always include both genders. And these are but the rudiments of this — mere seeds beneath the snow. We’ll necessarily build on these as we grow and develop — and as women/Amazons push out front and exert themselves so their own reality is widely representative of the whole. Learn how they wish to be related to by them.- Sanyika Shakur August Third Communist Org 50ADM

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Afrikan Mother Principle (Matriarchy) We Must Return (Balance,Equality, Socialism)-Haki Kweli Shakur