Screenshot_2016-01-25-18-55-21-1Great Mother and Child Kongo Nothing Pre-Dates a Mother! ( Great Mother ) “EVOLUTIONARY CYCLE” The Great Mother (Vacuum, Ultimate Reality, Universal Womb, The Unity of Death, Permanence and Rebirth) The Mothers (Archaic/Matriarchy/Pre-patriarchal) Goddesses (Fragmentation of the Mothers in Destruction, Permanence and Fertility Goddesses) Gods (Early Patriarchy) The One God (Patriarchy) God is dead (Materialism) Disintegration (Spiritually, culturally, socially, economically…) The Great Mother (Savioress of the World) The Great Mother and Matriarchal Civilizations ( The First Shall Be Last Return oldest God on earth ) In the beginning…was the Great Mother. She was percieved as primordial Darkness, corresponding with the awesome dark universe. There was a great intuition about this “Abyss of the universe”, being the Womb giving birth to the world. In many cultures it is stated that the “The Light was born out of Darkness”, the former represented by the sun, the moon and the stars. This was later confirmed by spiritual Realization, in which “The Divine is born out of Nothingness”. The astonishing thing is, that reminders of the Great Mother still can be found in all cultures -archaic, indigenous and modern – and in patriarchal religions. From matriarchal tribes in Africa and elswhere, Neolithical fertility mothers in Europe, sayings of South American Indians, womb-shaped tombs in pre-historic China, the Devi Matri as the original Great Mother of India, the Great Mother traditions of the Middle East and Egypt, the hidden Mother symbolism of Islam to the more obvious reminders in Christianity (Mary). It leads us to the (fiercely disputed) hypothesis of an ancient universal matriarchal culture, having preceded patriarchy. The Universal Great Mother Tradition aims at restoring the original Wholeness of Life, making the feminine principle the foundation of modern cultural, religious and social life. In prehistoric times, the Mother was considered the “center of the universe”. The Mother was the only source of life, since the connection between pregnancy and sex wasn’t known. People draw parallels between human life and other phenomena in nature. They compared the fertility of the earth with that of the Mother. Everything depended on the (her) cycle of birth and death. Hence, all rituals were centered around fertility: the death of the seed and its rebirth. This earthly experience had its counterpart in a great intuition about the Essence of the universe. The latter was considered the Great Cosmic Womb, the Origin of birth and death. This intuition might well have been there from a very early beginning: that of the black mothers in Africa, the neolithical mothers of Europe, those of the Middle East, India and China. The Mother has been the underlying principle of almost all (“great”) civilizations. The first written accounts have been found in Sumer, at a time that patriarchy already made its first beginnings. “Women had the experience, men wrote it down”. The Original Great Mother was the “Queen of Heaven and earth”, the Womb that gave birth to both the Gods and the universe. She “embodied” (re)birth, preservation and death. Everything originated from and returned to Her. She was the All-Embracing One Afrikan Mother Principle(Matriarchy) We Must Return(Balance,Equality, Socialism)-Haki Kweli Shakur

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