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We have been knee-deep in raising funds to transform an abandon home into a community center over the last year and a half. As of today over that time period we have generated over 6,000 dollars, which has been spent towards taxes, demolition, windows, doors, labor and other assorted materials. Presently, we are still along way from accomplishing our goal and we humbly asking for your support in transforming this abandon house into a house of hope. All money raised will go towards: *Paying past due taxes *Purchasing building supplies, *Electrical work *Hot water tank *Furnace *Plumbing supplies *Labor Restoring the Neighbor Back to the ‘Hood’s Resisting Gentrification Campaign is led by neighborhood organizer Yusef Bunchy Shakur. Skahur utilizes his myriad of life experiences — being raised in extreme poverty, alcoholism and abuse in the home, abandoned by his father to co-founding a gang and ultimately finding himself in prison where he met his father for the first time — to heal, re-sprit and restore humanity to his Detroit neighborhood Z8ne. For 15 days in February, Shakur will launch a year long campaign to #ResistingGentrification by living as long as conditions allow in a formerly abandoned home without gas, water, or electric to raise awareness of the issues permeating Detroit and the Z8ne (48208) Neighborhood; a neighborhood that has been socially, economically, and politically neglected for over 40 years, Z8ne is adjacent to Downtown and sits between Midtown, New Center, and the Henry Ford Grand Blvd. campus. Shakur is on a mission to transform this house into a community center to enhance the social and educational skill level of the community that has been impacted by these acts of gentrification: • The elementary school has been demolished & the middle school is now a police academy. • The neighborhood has lost over 60% of its population. • Henry Ford Hospital has purchased over 50% of the land on the SE side and created blight. • Minimal investment educationally, socially and recreationally in the neighborhood in 40 years. • Total unemployment rate over 75% & 40% of households live below the poverty line. • The murder risk is eight times the national average. • 31% of residents over the age of 25 did not complete high school. By setting up his “new” home for 15 days, Shakur is raising awareness to the issues of homelessness, unemployment, neighborhood decay, and abandonment and creating a new vision for Z8ne. This vision is to use the house as a base of operations to host “Neighborhood-Building Sessions” with neighbors and the larger Detroit community to build self and community transformation. The focus of the campaign will be #ResistingGentrification by galvanizing, developing and #SupportIndigenousLeadership. “I spent much of my early years hurting people by growing up in a hurt neighborhood. The last 15 years I’ve worked to transform others by building opportunities for redemption and hope. Hurt people hurt people – healed people heal people,” said Shakur. The Resisting Gentrification Campaign for 2016 launches with a goal to raise $50,000! Your support can help bridge the gap between hope and desperation for a neighborhood under siege. Contact Yusef Bunchy Shakur at 313-459-6008 or visit

Haki Kweli Shakur
NAPLA January 50ADM