Screenshot_2016-02-10-08-48-40-1We honor and greet Our Chi (God within us) We honor and greet Chineke (Creative aspect of God)

We honor and greet Ani (Earth Mother) We honor and greet Igwe (Sky Father) We honor all the Alusi who stand around to guide and guard us

We honor the Alusi of the four points, Eke, Orie, Afo, Nkwo

We pray they never abandon us or get weary of us We pray we are always able to access them We honor and greet our sacred ancestors We call upon the ones who lived and died for our freedoms

We pray their memories will not be forgotten We pray they forgive us for forgetting them a lot of the time

We pray they remain with us for the healing of our homes, communities, and the planet We greet the elemental life in the four elements of fire, air,

water and earth We offer thanks for their efforts in healing the planet

We pray we can learn to work with them in healing our planet

In conclusion We pray for all humanity, all plant life, all animal life and in fact

all matter to awaken We pray for heaven and earth to meet and dance in perfect

harmony Now and forever more Ise! -CULLED from Nwaonishe Ezenwanyi’s “Conversations with the African Gods

‘The morning prayers in Igboland are traditionally done by the head of the family…It is an all embracing prayer as nearly all traditional Igbo prayers are, for the traditional Igbo’s have always seen and acted as part of the whole Mystical “O” which is Chi-Ukwu, the Universal Spirit and the source and terminus of the countless mirco Chi, linking all that exists to Chi-Ukwu and deriving their respective lives, lights, beingness and spiritual sustenance there from. In other words when this prayer is made, the person is acting first and foremost as one of the spiritual links in God’s Divine chain for securing truth, peace, justice, fairplay, order, progress and sustenance of humanity, a viable environment and safe Universe ..