1454859394895The Sibyl Black Woman Afrikan Dark Mother Great Mother /Goddess Veneration/ Vodou ( Divination, Cosmology- Astrology-Astronomy, Rituals, Sacrifice, Ancestral Veneration/Honor and Nature intunement Worship – Animism ) is The oldest systems of spiritual science(Spirituality) on Earth , The Black Woman was venerated at the same time she gave you Vodou, The Mystery School Science of Nature and The Cosmos , Knowledge of Self ( Supreme Energy Life Force) x Animism , The Sibyl did this from the ancient times this is why she’s painted in caves and the forest from those areas of the deep lands she created it All in Deep South -Central – West Africa onto the East and North… everyone’s genetic “beautiful mother” is african and dark, and that she is the oldest divinity we know. At the beginning of the third millennium, the consensus among world scientists is that Africa is “the cradle of the most ancient living beings that paleo-anthropologists are willing to call Homo,” and that Africa is the place of origin of modern humans, homo sapiens sapiens. In the paleolithic epoch, signs of our oldest mother were the color ochre red (signifying blood of childbirth and menstrual blood) and the pubic V painted in african caves. After 50,000 BCE, migrating africans took these signs to all continents, where they may be seen today in the caves and cliffs of the world.

cultural historians, the persistence of the belief in our oldest mother and in the values associated with her – justice with compassion, equality, and transformation.Belief in the african origin of world civilization, a civilization centered on a dark mother, was widely held in the ancient world, up until the first centuries of the common epoch when clerical and secular authorities destroyed her images and attempted to suppress her memory. Despite this her memory and values stayed alive in everyday and festival rituals of subaltern cultures of the world. In the late 20th century, the memory of the dark mother surfaced in writings of african and africanist scholars, in research of western scientists, and in women’s movements of the world, particularly in that stream, becoming a river, called women’s spirituality..

Haki Kweli Shakur
New Afrikan Independence Movement Feb 50 ADM