12795411_1040445659351772_1469093987343294532_nFree The Land ! Greetings to all New Afrikans(Conscious/Unconscious) . Come commerate the establishment of our very own government ;New Afrikan(Black) Government . On the date of March the 31st,1968 in Detroit,Michigan the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika was founded on the goals of attaining land ,accomplishing freedom,being sovereign ,becoming liberated ,expressing self-determination and having a working government,nation and territory for our new Afrikan (black) people . March the 31st ,2016 join us in Jackson,Miss to learn the history and struggle of the PG-RNA . Come show solidarity with the People’s Government and we look forward to more committed New Afrikans . The Struggle Is For Land . – Bomani Shakur