_20160410_120257The Reason Conscious Rap is targeted is tracked back to slavery banning Drums off plantations cause it could be used to organize blacks for resistance uprising and Rebellion During slavery, it was common practice for slave masters to outlaw any use or presence of African drums on the plantation. They were very aware of the drum’s power, mystique and many uses. In hindsight, they were afraid of Black music’s ability to empower and mobilize people. This is the same reason artists like Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrick, Bob Marley and Sam Cooke have always been closely monitored, even targeted. This is public information now, supported by official documents.

The Akan Drum is a drum that was made in West Africa and was later found in the Colony of Virginia in North America. It is now the oldest African-American object in the British Museum and possibly the oldest surviving anywhere. The drum is a reminder of all three continents’ involvement in the estimated twelve million people transported across the Atlantic as part of the slave trade.The drum is normally displayed in room 26. #TheDrum #Resistance #Rebellion #Cointelpro #Plantation #AkanDrum #ConsciousMusic #Virginia

Haki Kweli Shakur