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April 16 1862 – Washington D.C. Slave Emancipation and Reparations

The law provided for immediate emancipation, compensation of up to $300 for each slave to loyal Unionist masters, voluntary colonization of former slaves to colonies outside the United States, and payments of up to $100 to each person choosing emigration. Over the next 9 months, the federal government paid almost $1 million for the freedom of approximately 3,100 former slaves. The District of Columbia Emancipation Act is the only example of compensated emancipation in the United States.  A additional $100,000 allocated by the law was used to pay each newly freed slave $100 if he or she chose to leave the United States and colonize in places such as Haiti orLiberia

Did slave owners really receive $300 per slave?

Yes, but very few. In 1862 the federal government abolished slavery in Washington DC, but set up a commission to compensate slaveholders who did not join the Confederacy. In the end the government paid out an average of $300 per slave to the 979 owners of 2,989 slaves. (See the complete list here) Those 2,989 slaves represent approximately 0.075% of the 4 million slaves in the country at the time. Though many abolitionists objected on principle to any action which implied that human beings could be bought or sold, the abolition of slavery in Washington, DC created an island of freedom in between the slave states of Maryland and Virginia and became a magnet for runaways from the region. What is more, the Emancipation Act forbade slave owners from evading the act by removing slaves from the District and successfully enforced this prohibition.This photograph was given to John Washington by Mary Dines.  Dines was resident at Camp Barker, DC in the late summer of 1862. #WashingtonDC #DMV #Virginia #Maryland #ReparationsisDO #Slavery #PayOurAncestors #Humanrights #Internationslaw #youOweOurAncestors #LandandMoney #FuckLincoln #Hypocrisy #SlaveLabor

Haki Kweli Shakur 4-16-1862