jalil Update Brother Comrad Jalil Muntaqim’s Parole Hearing will be june 14 2016 on Revolutinary Che Guevara’s Birthday all that is needed is to keep writing letters to parole board and sign the petition to release Jalil Muntaqim on parole!!!

Once again, we are preparing for Jalil’s upcoming parole hearing in June. Since the PBA, the FOP, and the Correctional Officers union are able to collect thousands of signatures against parole, we must work to gain as many signatures and letters of support for Jalil as possible. In addition to the online petition, there is a hard copy that can be downloaded here. Since many members of our community do not have regular access to the internet, it is important to use the hard copy and return it to us.

You can also download and print out the parole campaign brochure explaining Jalil’s case as a way of educating people about the political nature of the case and the parole board’s constant denials despite national and international support for Jalil’s release on parole.

Jalil has also prepared a fact sheet for those who would like to write letters to the Parole Board on his behalf.

All information and petition at this link lets get jalil free!!!!


Haki Kweli Shakur 5-12-51ADM