_20160512_102640 Brother Michael Africa has appealed his 2014 parole denial in which he was given a five year hit. Michael has won his appeal and will appear before the parole board in August 2016 instead of December 2019 . So we still have some serious work to do to bring our family home immediately .

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The Justice And Accountability Campaign

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Michael Davis Africa
Prison Address
#AM4973–SCI Graterford,
Box 244
Grateford, PA 19426-0244
United States
Birthday: October 6, 1955

Affiliations: MOVE

Captured: 1978:

“To quote JOHN AFRICA, it is past time for all poor people to release themselves from the deceptive strangulation of society, realize that society has failed you, for to attempt to ignore this system of deception now is to delay you the need to protest this failure later, the system has failed you yesterday, failed you today and has created the condition for failure tomorrow…”