668 Geronimo ji Jaga photo Geronimo Jijaga Donating a Ambulance truck to Pete O’ Neal and Meserani Village in Tanzania Africa This what life is about taking care of your people!

The Spirit of a Panther in Africa, Tanzania. Mzee Geronimo jijaga & Exilee Pete O’neal & Charlote O’neal of the Kansas Black Panther Party pictured , Geronimo Hands over the spirit of the panther truck ambulance for Meserani Village in Tanzania , True Meaning of Servant of the People!!! __________

I want to remind all Africans, please come to Africa. It’s right across the water. Come look at yourselves. Momma is waiting – Geronimo jijaga
This made my day somethings make you see life different and the human character , Stand up and Struggle Forward!!!!