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We received word late last night from our sister Janet Africa that herself and Janine Africa were both denied parole and given a two year hit . We do not have all of the specifics into why they were denied parole, as that will be released in the next couple of days, but in the meantime we will continue with our course of action. As we made clear in January, officials will no longer be allowed to get away with this as the pressure over the issue of parole has picked up.

We are urging people to take action this Tuesday June 7th as we will continue to keep the pressure on Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, the same man who said that much needed changes are needed with the Pennsylvania parole board, and we will now focus our attention to the Attorney General of Pennsylvania Kathleen Kane as we are now calling for a criminal investigation into the illegal actions of The Pennsylvania Parole Board and their questionable working relationship with The Fraternal Order Of Police .

From 9:00am to 12:00 Noon
Call, Fax, Email, or Tweet Pa Governor Tom Wolf at
(P) (717) 787-2500
(F) (717) 772-8284
https://www.governor.pa.gov/contact/ (contact page)
Twitter @ Governor Tom Wolf

Reach out to the Governor and inquire into why Janet (Holloway) Africa 006308 and Janine (Phillips ) Africa 006309 were both denied parole and why has he allowed these continued illegal denials to continue when he oversees and has responsibility over the same parole board which he himself has called for reform over .

From 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Call or tweet the office Of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane
(P) (717) 787-3391
Twitter @Pa Attorney General

Reach out to her office and inquire why, from a period of 2008 thru 2016, have former police officers and former law enforcement officials been allowed to review a case that revolves around the murder of a police officer and how can an outside organization like The Fraternal Order of Police have a say so over the parole review of Move Political Prisoners.
We are demanding a complete criminal investigation into the illegal parole denials of The Move 9 Janet (Holloway) Africa 006308 Janine (Phillips) Africa 006309 William (Phillips) Africa am4984 (now deceased) Delbert (Orr) Africa am4985 Edward (Goodman) Africa am4974 Michael (Davis) Africa am4973 From 2008 to the present.

We have yet to receive word on a decision for Debbie Africa, but we expect the same outcome as well. As we continue our fight against The Pa Parole Board we we are still pushing for The United States Justice Department to investigate the unjust and ongoing imprisonment of The Move 9. To Sign The Petition people can go to


This System is under a tremendous amount of pressure over this issue and we are not going to let up. This is a fight that we are determined to win and will win. By no means is this recent parole denials of our two sisters a setback . It’s giving us more energy and fire to keep fighting The Parole Board and Fraternal Order Of Police .

Ona Move

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