NAMBRG0030012 #AncientNambibia #Nambia #Kundalini East Afrikans wasn’t the only ones who were intune with the #Kundalini Energy Science , South West Afrikans also had the science !kia amongst The San (Bushman) Shamans in tradition the lighting strike is also the ejaculatory impregnation of the Earthmother by the SkyFather.

THE TRANCE DANCE The concept of n|om – a Kalahari Bushman (San) word for life force, or spiritual energy. Those familiar with Bushman culture may know of their traditional healing ‘trance dance’, a community event that often lasted all night, typically held in dry and dusty locations. The women would sit around the fire in a circle and sing and clap and drum with a rhythm that helped to activate n|om in the men – sometimes joined by women – dancing around the circle. The combination of repetitive dance moves on the earth with the singing and clapping helps to release what It describes as the ‘boiling energy’ that resides at the base of our spine. When n|om is activated in this manner the energy moves up our beings, healing our own selves and giving us the power to help heal others. The Bushmen believe when this spiritual energy is active and abundant, during a healing dance for example, gifted healers can ‘see’ illness in others and literally use their healing hands to pull malady out of a patient.

Parrallels to Kundalini

the traditional healing practice of the trance dance when I was working with the Ju|’hoansi in the |Xai|xai area of Botswana. It immediately reminded me of my own study and practice of kundalini yoga. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word which means ‘she who is coiled’ and
kundalini-shakti or ‘serpent power’ is energy, power or force that lies dormant at the base of the spine, in the root chakra, that can be awakened and released. Similar to the Bushman healing dance, the practice of kundalini yoga includes rhythmic, repetitive movements that if practised regularly, can release heat and vibrant energy into your body-mind. While the Bushmen may have been the first to understand and embrace our n|om, it is interesting that many other peoples around the world have identified, enhanced and continue to practise healing power of ecstatic movement in several diverse cultures around the world, including the Kalahari Bushmen, the Spiritual Baptists of St. Vincent in the Caribbean, and the practice of seiki jutsu in Japan. The evidence, through the centuries, is seen in all people – especially in those aware of our connection to the earth and God – who have discovered and worked with the power residing in our own bodies to heal ourselves and others.