slaves Rare Photo Ancestors Hanover County, Virginia, in 1862 on the plantation of Dr.William Gaines. The photographer was George Harper Houghton.

As you see the number of kids & Babies this plantation was likely a Slave Breeding Plantation where they breeded Afrikan ancestors from different tribes, nations, clans, from west africa/central africa. Virginia is nortoriously known as the slave breeding state! Wm. F. Gaines,” was fifty-six years old and was a “M.D. & farmer.” Mr. Gaines, Sr. had $56,000 in real estate and $54,475 in personal property. His wife “J.G.” was forty-seven. The next listed household is that of W.H. Wood, an overseer; presumably the elder Gaines’s plantation manager. William F. Gaines owned seventy-four slaves and their twelve slave quarters.

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Ref: The Library of Congress