_20160717_145519 Mtayari Shabaka Sundiata/RIH ( Rest in Uhuru )

By Choice You Are Assata

By choice you are a Black freedom fighter.
You chose to rebel against a
criminal system in the name of
freedom and dignity for self and kind.

By choice you are a Black woman.
fighting to raise other Ndugu na
Dada by revolutionary example to cast
off their garb of perversity
In their blind pursuit of the
amerikkan nightmare.

By choice you are the purifier of
our Afrikan humanity, your every
act my sister was designed
to restore life to a nation killed
by wrong ideas.

By choice you are the matrix out of
which many Black warriors will
emerge, in their right hand they will
bear the seal of the New Nation

By choice you are a doctor that is healing
thousands of sick minds
mutilated by the germ of

By choice, Assata, you are the reality
that we must face if we are to survive
and ultimately, Assata, create a world where
freedom and dignity will reign supreme
for Afrikan people.

By choice, Assata, you refuse to listen
to the voices of the political
scavengers feeding on the debilitated minds of those hopeless
souls raped in the arena of
democracy by the anerikkkan

By choice, you liberated Afrikan
warriors from the graves
of nigger minds
you shattered the bastile of ignorance
by injecting revolution into the minds,
souls, and bodies of an oppressed nation.

By choice, you are symbol of truth.
your every body movement says to the
Black man blinded by the brutality of
the white whore that has kept him
prostrated before the vagina of a
dying society, raise your eyes from
the filth of the amerikkkan dream and
watch my body movement, watch me move
to the beat of a different drummer.

By choice, Assata, you turned us into a
brave and proud army.
Now we move with the same rythym that
moves you against the amerikkkan
We too are dedicated to the death of
the monster called oppression.

By choice, we now turn to face
nation of our survival
and the synthetic melodies of the
amerikkkan dream fades in the back ground as we move with celestial
beat of sun-ra, to outer space, outer
their space of oppression into our
space of being us,
Afrikan People.

Republic of New Afrika

Haki Kweli Shakur 10-23-52 ADM  ATC- NAPLA NAIM MOI