rbg-blk-aug-5-tenetsThe Tenets of Black August

Doc Holiday, an original comrade of George Jackson, and a longtime member of the Black liberation and prison struggle, and currently in prison in Illinois, has written that the tenets of the Black August Program include:

1. A fast which historically has been used as an expression of personal commitment and resistance.

2. We abstain from consuming any type of intoxicants for the entire month of August.

3. We limit our selection of television and radio to educational programs, i.e. news, documentaries and cultural programs, etc.

4. During BA we emphasize political and cultural studies for individuals involved in BA. Participants in BA should pair off with someone else you know to study and share knowledge of African Affairs.

5. As an outward expression of BA we wear a Black arm band on the left arm or wrist as a tribute to those Africans who have died as a result of their sacrifice for African Liberation. The arm band can be worn either on the inside or outside of your clothing.

6. Black August (BA) is a revolutionary concept. Therefore, all revolutionaries, nationalists and others who are committed to ending oppression should actively participate in Black August.

Source: http://www.rbgstreetscholar.wordpress. com

Haki Kweli Shakur 8-3-51ADM 16
August Third NAPLA NAIM

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