417e4c4c4f01c49ab499e8eff95a9a40dk002A1472891981249Akan thought (Sub-Saharan West Africa), gold is considered an earthly counterpart , The Sun on Earth: African Gold , Akan Gold is linked to live giving sun , gold was said to represent the sun’s very essence and to embody Kra – Life Force or soul.

The luminous life force, Nyame, is primal fire—the light and splendor of the cosmos. Our individual kra (soul) is the spark of Nyame within us—the eternal, never dying, immortal part of us. We are all connected to Nyame’s kra through our own kra. According to Eva Meyerowitz in The Sacred State of the Akan, to the Akan, gold is the symbol of the kra of Nyame. Gold found in the ground was called “kra sika,” soul’s gold.

Haki Kweli Shakur 8-3-51ADM 16 August Third Collective NAPLA NAIM