A study of the area from Senegal Atlantic coast in the West to Dafur in the East and from Cameroon in the South to the northern part of Chad, was once part of a great super-civilization called the ‘Zingh Empire.’ According to historians and anthropolotists, the Zingh Empire covered an area in what is the Sahara Desert and West Africa, however it spread as far as India.

The Zingh Empire is said to have been in existence about 15,000B.C. and was ruled by the God-King, Tyru Afrik. The Zingh Empire was the first universal civilization because it was from there that all other civilizations became inspired when Black Africans from Zingh migrated to the Americas, Mediterranean, Greece, India, SE Asia, China, Japan, Melanesia, the Americas and elsewhere.

In fact, when one looks at all prehistoric and ancient monuments in places like Mesopotamia, India, Southern Europe/Greece, China, Japan and the Americas (Mexico to South America, the Mississippi Valley), one finds the exact type of structures that were built by Africans in the Sahara, West Africa, Egypt and Sudan.

The manner of stone carvings of human faces – OF WHICH HTE MOST ANCIENT ARE AFRICAN/NEGRO FEATURES — ARE THE SAME WHETHER IN MEXICO, NIGERIA, SUDAN, INDIA, CHINA OR JAPAN. The stype of carving from a large number of blocks is identical. The use of copper plugs to keep huge blocks together in Egypt and Nubia is the same in THE INCA BUILDINGS IN PERU.

Added to that, all the regions above show African faced carvings. Ancient stone monuments in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, SE Asia, Indonesia, China and Japan, and the Americas show NEGROID FEATURES — CONNECTED TO PEOPLEIN WEST AFRICA AND SUDAN, AND EGYPT BEFORE THE Semite’ occupation. There are stories hat can be written and movies made about great KINGS AND QUEENS FROM MECI (3113 B.C.) to Tyru Afrik ( 15,000 B.C.), the God-King who had the first empire on earth and was the first to use the red, black and green flag from Senegal to India –the entire ETHIOPIAN EMPIRE OF PREHISTORIC TIMES AND THE FOUNDER OF GLOBAL CIVILZATION, AND THE SPREAD OF THE ‘RED AND BLACK’ POTTERY STYLE.

But however in recent research from scholars like my shero and now a ancestor Igbo Catherine Acholuno and Eze NGA Sidney Davis and other great not talked about historians and Archaeologist from West Afrika that West Afrika is engulfed in Rich Pre dynastic Cikam/Egypt history that in fact West Afrika is the origin of alotta Afrikan civilizations from  west to central south afrika to east and north afrika and beyond Afrika’s borders , matter of fact West Afrika has the oldest DNA on Earth including The Igbo and Their Ancient Ancestors , Igbo Ukwu is also the oldest land according to archaeological evidence that’s been unearthed and suppressed for decades in Nigeria and Niger to Cameroon and Chad these areas prove that this is facts,  the Descendants in The United States Should be very proud of being Descendants of West Afrika because West Afrika’s Story is Just Starting to Be told you are in fact descendants of the oldest blood lines on earth check my video out on the belove Chieftess Catherine Acholonu i want my generation and younger to get to know her im very happy that i share the same birthday with her October 26 scorpios so this must be her spirit speaking through me to help bring awareness to her work Rest in Peace Great Mother !!!!  Haki Kweli Shakur 9-17-51ADM August Third Collective NAPLA NAIM FTL Igbo Kwenu to My Igbo & Biafra Peoples , Blood lines and Ancestors!  VIRGINIA-IGBOLAND