We need your help!

Jalil told me today, Monday, October that he was “given a disciplinary misbehavior report; Tier 3 for unauthorized organization (sic) and soliciting for corresponding in support of the August 2017 Million Prisoner March. There is no evidence of organizing in this prison or in NY state. This is an issue of censuring political speech. They are trying to prevent me from supporting community prison activism. They are repressing political prisoners from being engaged in community development”.

I visited Jalil today, Monday, September 26, 2016. He asked that we all call:

Acting Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci,
New York State Department of Corrections

Office of the Commissioner: Bldg. 2, State Campus, Albany, NY 12226-2050

Let the commissioner’s office know that you are calling to say that all prisoners, especially political prisoners like Jalil should be allowed to communicate with people by mail about what is going on in our communities.

Jean Douthwright 9-26-2016