12301337_973797812686342_311749707_nnaim-profile📒 #NAIM – Rev Khandi Konte-Bey ( Registered Washitaw-New Afrikan Veteran ) New Afrikan Independence Movement/NAIM
New Afrikans set into full motion the revolutionary actions necessary to fight amerikkkans for our own independence. The New Afrikan Independence Movement grew out of a desperate need to respond to governmental policy and CONstitutional laws of the united states.

The written declaration of war against the New Afrikan Independence Movement in the form of Article one, paragraph one, section 9 (titled the legislative articles/powers denied to congress), states, “…the migration of importation of such persons as any of the states now existing shall think proper to admit,shall not be prohibited by the congress prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight…” (Burns; 1989:22C) What this means in plain english is, the united states declares war on Afrikans in Afrika as well as New Afrikans. It also meant the slave trade would continue another 20 years and “…the full powers of the united states government would be used to protect all amerikkkans engaging in the trade.” (Obadele; 1989:17) The united states, by law, supported war in Afrika against Afrikans.

” There’s no difference between the Republic of New Afrika and Washitaw Nation, The Republic of New Afrika is Recognized and have treaties with 5 nations including Libya ” – Khandi Konte Bey …#GeorgejacksonUniversity#newafrikanindependencemovement#RepublicofNewAfrika#WashitawNation


Haki Kweli Shakur 9-27-51ADM August Third Collective NAPLA NAIM