1475080120319#WillBrown #BloodySeptember #20Riots #RedSummer #1919 The Summer of 1919 aka Red Summer should never be forgotten , it should be studied , taught , Memorialized its part of a long history of violence on New Afrikan/Black People in The Empire of the U.S. we died and defended ourselves but suffered some of the most brutal deaths and attacks humans have ever been victim of history that’s been buried and kept from you and they wonder why we asking for #REPARATIONS Our Lives Never Mattered to this Nation … From May through September 1919, over 25 race riots rocked cities from Texas to Illinois, Nebraska to Georgia. In Omaha, the trouble began on September 25, when a white woman, Agnes Loebeck, reported that she was assaulted by a black man.

That evening, the police took a suspect to the Loebeck home. Agnes and her boyfriend Milton Hoffman (they were later married) identified a black packinghouse worker named Will Brown as the assailant. Brown was 41 years old and suffered from acute rheumatism.

Brown ended up in the hands of the crazed mob. He was beaten into unconsciousness. His clothes were torn off by the time he reached the building’s doors. Then he was dragged to a nearby lamp pole on the south side of the courthouse at 18th and Harney around 11:00 p.m. The mob roared when they saw Brown, and a rope was placed around his neck. Brown was hoisted in the air, his body spinning. He was riddled with bullets. His body was then brought down, tied behind a car, and towed to the intersection of 17th and Dodge. There the body was burned with fuel taken from nearby red danger lamps and fire truck lanterns. Later, pieces of the rope used to lynch Brown were sold for 10 cents each. Finally, Brown’s charred body was dragged through the city’s downtown streets. #Nebraska #Texas #Illinois #Georgia #Lynchings #HumanRightsViolations #ConversationReparations #Riots

Haki Kweli Shakur 9-28-51ADM August Third Collective NAPLA NAIM