Dr Mutulu Shakur Explains The Existence of a New Afrikan Nation Within U.S. Borders Struggling For Complete Liberation, Independence & Freedom To Govern Ourselves _20160905_165452

Mutulu Shakur: New African people is a war-like existence inside an oppressive colonized situation

Announcer: Yes. You know that it seems to me along with the concept of being in war is the concept of nationhood. And when we talk about the concept of nationhood, in context of black people, New African people, we’re talking about a land base on this country. I wonder if you will tell us. . . if you could just elaborate for me how through your struggle you came to become a New African. What compelled you, what were the things that compelled you to identify yourself as such.

Mutulu Shakur : Let me just say. You can’t put the cart before the horse.

Announcer: Okay.

Mutulu Shakur: Right?

Announcer: Yeah.

Mutulu Shakur: The issue is, are we at a state of conflict. If we are at a state of conflict, what is going to be the solution.

Announcer: Okay.

Mutulu Shakur: You have to first accept there is a conflict. If you don’t accept there is a conflict, then you can’t fathom a separate nation. And if you do, it’s egotistical. Well I want my own. It’s without basis. But if you understand that we do not coexist in a vacuum, that we are in a life and death struggle. That the history of us being brought here and how we are treated since we’ve been here, demands that we come up with some formula to resolve this contradiction or else our condition, our condition and our circumstances might be the cause of the fall of all humanity on the planet earth. Because we must be free. Now, everybody doesn’t agree with that scenario. You follow me?

Announcer:Yeah that’s true.

Mutulu Shakur: Some people believe that we can formulate a better living and life condition by participating in an integrated political and economic cultural system. Now, I do not say that they’re not revolutionaries. If they are hell bent on changing and changing the rights of people and forcing this government and developing a new government that integrates everybody into an equal formation and rights for everybody, well then all praises due to Allah. Fine. It still does not deal with the question: where do we find ourselves as New African people brought here as slaves. Okay?

Announcer: Right.

Mutulu Shakur: But even in that society I will co-exist because you allow me to have my own culture or at least try to find where I’m going. You follow me?

Announcer: Yes

Mutulu Shakur: But, I contend that Utopia or that possibility for the last 150 years has not come to be. And in the process, we have been dying, dying, dying, dying, dying. And in order for us to understand what it is that we were fighting for, we must label what we’re for, and I’m fighting for a nation. A nation of New African people, not exclusively, but conclusively our nation that develops a culture that deals with our experience and that a culture that will allow the exercise, creativity, the potential of every man, woman and child that enters our nation. So, I come to that because I understood that I have to know why I’m fighting and might die. Why I sacrifice.

Announcer: Okay.

Mutulu Shakur: People come to it for different reasons. You follow me?

Announcer: Yeah.

Mutulu Shakur: And so we can intellectualize it. We can talk about what Malcolm talked about that all struggle is fought for land. The Turkish struggle, the struggle that you see in Europe and in the Soviet Union is a struggle for national identity. The different nations in the Soviet Union feel that they must have their own land base, they must make their own decisions, and formulate their own policies as it relates to other peoples in the world. And that was the mighty Soviet Union. So are you saying that that is not possible in America? And if it is possible, it’s going to be a war of Armageddon. Well I might agree with you. But it does not take away from the fact that you must know why your fighting and why you’re sacrificing and why you might die. You can’t be vague about that. ‘Cause what we’re struggling for is the control of the natural resources. And what you saw in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq was a struggle to take a piece of the natural resources that has escaped the U.S. Imperialist’s powers because the emergence of territory nationalism.

New Afrikan Nationalism is The Only Solution For The 45 million Blacks Who Are A Colony Being Oppressed , Murdered, Genocided , With Impunity By The USG/United States Government Law Enforcement Agencies, Judicial Systems, Economic Systems, Food Systems, Prison Systems, Education Systems, Political Systems , in Which Effects Our Social Conditions Which Has Created Our Internal Violent Genocide and Self Hatred of Ourselves Towards Each Other! Free The Land, Stand Up Struggle Forward !!! – Haki Kweli Shakur August Third Collective NAPLA NAIM 9-29-51ADM #FreeMutuluShakur