Happy Nat Turner Day! 1475423660643 By the way, this man known as Nat Turner, born October 2, 1800 in Southampton County, Virginia, the week before Gabriel was hanged. While still a young child, Nat was overheard describing events that had happened before he was born. This, along with his keen intelligence, and other signs marked him in the eyes of his people as a prophet “intended for some great purpose.” A deeply religious man, he “therefore studiously avoided mixing in society, and wrapped [him]self in mystery, devoting [his] time to fasting and praying



Nat Turner never accepted his name Although history books refer to this intelligent and literate individual as “Nat Turner,” he, his family, and friends never referred to him that way because he refused to acknowledge ownership by Samuel Turner, the man who had purchased him as a child. He refused because he knew he was an African who could never be truly owned.

Nat’s enslaved father had escaped when Nat was young. And his father’s mother at age 13 had been captured in Ghana and was shipped to America. She was a member of the Akan ethnic group, in particular the Coromantee, which was notoriously rebellious against European and American enslavement- so much so that a proposed law was introduced in 1765 to ban their importation into the colonies because they were not “docile” enough. However, it never became law because their physical strength made them potentially excellent laborers.

Although he came from a bloodline that advocated warfare in self-defense, he was deeply religious. In fact, he wrote that he “studiously avoided mixing in society ”


1475422904831 Black August The Nat Turner & B.L.A. 1831 Edition ( New Afrika) – Haki Kweli Shakur x Kunta Kinte 

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