20080211-reconciliation-414449872_10157539235670722_5556745978158337649_n1475556434485 Only 3 exist in the world Benin-Richmond-Liverpool Slavery Reconciliation statues. The Benin statue is at the Park of Reconciliation in Cotonou’s enslavement port. The 15-foot, half-ton bronze sculpture has the following inscription: THE TRIANGLE- Captured in West and Central Africa and transported from Benin chained on ships built in England and transported through the unspeakable horrors of the Maafa. They were imported and exported in Richmond, Virginia laying the economic foundation of this nation.

Richmond’s former slave market. In this place of horror, where 300,000 kidnapped Africans and their descendants were torn from their families and “sold down the river” to Southern plantations, a symbol of healing gives hope for a new future.

The Ambassador of Benin called it “a blessed completion” of a triangle of new relationships between Benin, Richmond, and Liverpool, UK – each of which had profited hugely from the traffic in human flesh.

three identical monuments now in place at each point of the triangle. It stands at the heart of the business district, in a specially designed plaza. Water from a cascading fountain flows over a map of the slave triangle. An inscription describes the suffering of the millions of Africans who were transported from their homeland. It concludes, “Their forced labor laid the economic foundations of this nation.

Haki Kweli Shakur – Ampthill Plantation/South Manchester Slavery/Slave Trail Political Education




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