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NAT TURNER LEGACY: Help Carry Torch Halif Khalif Khalifah

Greetings Everyone!

My name is H Khalif Khalifah I am a IndependentJournalist/publisher/writer living on some of the birthland of Nat Turner. I am appealing to you to help us to Document and carry the “Torch:” The true history and legacy about Nat Turner. As the Senior Tour for the Nat Turner Trail Tour, with your donation you will help to ensure the preservation and enhance a precious part of the Noble history of Black people. Unless we act, and “Do For Self,” the History about Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831 will continue to be distorted, frabricated, fade or go away altogether. We mustn’t and i shall not leave it to chance that the historic record about this segment of Black history will be told correctly by anyone but us; now, in this generation. It is not easy for me to appeal to the people i have dedicated decades of service to; and if it was not necessary, i would continue to GIVE instead of asking my Beloved people to. But it is necessary. We will only go into the perilous details about Why i feel it is necessary unless you have a need to know…and you contact me at 434-378-2140. I will say that the goal i set above of $2000.00 represent the expense for preserving the Nat Turner Land and Library Building: So know, you will not have to donate much. I am prepared to continue, but to do so at this pivotal point presents development and vouchsafing this history for our posterity.

Please donate before, or if, you have a desire to call 434-378-2140 10am to 2pm daily.